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    Can I take the lid off the nestbox?

    The babies are 3 days old (And doing great!) and in a small room with no drafts and is always pretty warm, I was wondering if we could take the room of of the nest box so it is easy to check on them easier. Is it too early?
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    I think another baby was born last night after the first 6 because when I check on them today I felt 7! When holding number 7 it seemed smaller and not as well feed, it also isn't as active as the others, just sleeps when I pick it up as the others squirm! I know this one is not likley to...
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    6 Healthy Babbies!

    I got Valentine babies! :bunnydance: All fat healthy and even Sassy! How often can I touch them without worrying? What else should I know? Thanks
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    New To Breeding, Babies In 7 Days!!!

    Hey guys I am new, I have two bunnies, said both to be boys, got them from different places and differnt times only to find out we had a girl when we found a litter of dead babies. We couldn't find a place to nueter him and she had one more litter that died, they were sperated at that time and...
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