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  1. LoneMaple

    New bunny - questions

    Five months after getting my first bunny, Tokki, I've decided I'm ready to get him a friend. The person I'm buying the new bunny from is getting him neutered sometime this week, so I can pick him up on the weekend. Tokki, my first bunny, is a neutered 7 month old male. The new bunny will be a...
  2. LoneMaple

    What breed is my bun?

    Tokki is 6 months old and weighs 1,5kg. His fur is, I'd say, medium-length. His unusual color scheme got me confused, and I cannot figure out his breed no matter how many bunny pictures I look up for comparison. He's mostly pitch black, save for the white diamond shape on this nose, some...
  3. LoneMaple

    Bunny keeps peeing on bed!

    Hi! I'm a new bunny owner and I'm already having some behavioral troubles with my Tokki. Some general info, sorry if it's irrelevant: we believe him/her to be two and a half months of age - previous owner told us he/she was born on February 12th. Tokki has not been to the vet yet and so we have...
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