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    very vocal

    anyone have a vocal bunny? I swear, shesoundsscare everytime I get close toher.But when I touch her cheek shesquiet again. And she vocal when I feed too. Sometimes she runs,sometimes she doesn't. Sounds more like loud squeeling honk type sound.She gives a lot of mixed signals.
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    Runner (my dog) is eating kicked out bunny poo. She has food. Why eat bunny poo?
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    what do I do?

    I would LOVE for Annie to be the cuddly type.But I've never gotten groomed or kissed. She seems lonely, so I put astuffed doggie and she cuddles with it and grooms it. But won't with meand I'm real lol. She wil however take all the grooming FROM me all shecan get. She's a taker, never the giver...
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    So today we went to the zoo. There was anOrangatang there. She had saggin boobs with pointy nipples. I KNEW theywere nursin boobies lol. Last time I saw her she had a "newborn" I waspg with dd. She's still nursing itIt came runnin to her and latched on like a toddler. She(mom) held ittight and...
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    Are there any crafty people in here?

    I normally make jewelry. But I made ahandbag yesturday. Once I get the hang of it I'll make more. And morestyles. How's this for my first? before flap after
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    nic panels

    Do they have a new kind out now? I've seen somerecently that look like they have screens. Well, on picsanyways. I have the old ones. Do the new ones hold in the poobetter? I have TONS of the old ones I'm not using. I plan on using themsoon tho. But I would like to use the new pretty ones! Those...
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    I want a lion head

    :(:(:(One with lop ears. :(:(:( But I can't get one. I know I can't. I highly doubt hubby will let me get more animals. Help me get over my craving!!!:bunnydance:
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    Why are bunnies soooooo

    gosh darn cute? pics in the blog part :bunnydance:
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    Annie pics

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    digging on ME

    What does that mean? I got in her pen, not thecage, but the pen attached to it. She loved me gettin down and groominher. Then she tried to eat my clothes. Then stood up on her hind feetand dug my shoulder. What does that mean? lol
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    great deals

    TONS of hay, that will last a LONG time whilestaying FRESH and GREEN... @ 10 lbs for$16 vs 96 OZ(6?lbs) @ $13 @ petsmart. Andin hay, youalready know how much one lbs is. woodypet 30 lbs for almost $6 us. GREATdeal.@mytscstore.comVS 20 lbs...
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    rant about hubby

    yesturdays battle... I wanted to get my 2ndtattoo. A small closed wing butterfly on each shoulder to match the oneI already have. He tells me, if I get another tattoo, he will get ridof my bunny. I told him he can't tell me what I can and can't do to my body. If hewants to have tons of...
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    those spinning hay racks

    I hear they are very popular. But not here. I'vegot one, and the hay is not being touched. Could I have packed it tootight? She has no interest in it.
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    Annie is changing

    Her ears are getting darker, like she's startedgetting darker big spots. Her feet and tail are still white, but herears are changing over. How old are they before they start doing this?or is it normal?
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    anyone in the DFW tx?

    I must rehome Annie :( Hubby won't let me keep her. We are having tough time and if I go"home" for a while I can't take her with me. That's why I haven't beenon in a while.
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    I've got a wall chewer

    :mad::mad:hubby is soooo mad. She is the worst chewer I've had. NOTHING I mean NOTHING is safe.
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    Annie Pics

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    awww Do I HAVE to spay her?

    It's too much fun having her chase the stuffed animal. She tries to dominate it. Will she still do this after spay? She's still getting spayed,she has to. But still... It's fun to see this. It's like I'm playing with a dog because she's interacting lol.
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    I've got her on her back, cuddeling her like a baby. Her eyes are closed and her nose isn't twitching. She loves me right ? lol :bunnydance:
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    is she old enough to spay?

    I', not sure of her age. But by her size I'm guessing so. She's definately a girl. Shes spraying everywhere. I was playing with her an tappin her butt to get her to go, but she wouldn't go. Instead she put her butt up like a cat in heat :shock:That's when I was for sure she 's a girl. lol. Other...
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