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    New Years

    Well, it's new years eve here and I know I won't be here later tonightso I thought I'd take this chance to wish you all a great time.:D Here's hoping that we all have a GREAT 2006!!! Enjoy your celebrations, we are having the usual BBQ at our house as we do every year(seems like it's almost...
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    O/T People appreciation

    Just a quick thing that I thought I'dshare, I have often wondered how people who post here every day findthe time! We are very lucky to have people here who are veryknowledgable and caring enough to take time out of their own busy livesand post and share with us. They are not just names here...
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    Christmas Eve In Australia

    It's christmas eve here in Australia and it's 9.30pm we have justgotten back from walking around the streets looking at the housesdecorated in christmas lights. Our family came around to our house and we all ate together and thenwalked around looking at the lights as we do every year together...
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    Searching for rabbit stuff and look what I found

    [size=2] Was searching for some bunny stuff on google and happen to come across this interview with The One and Only PamNock!! Pam, you are an amazing lady (which we all knew anyway). http://www.goarticles.com/cgi-bin/showa.cgi?C=91105 Pam I hope you don't mind me posting this here, there is...
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    Gizmo goes on Monday for his "boy bunny operation"

    Well here we are, Gizmo is going in Monday for his little op so we have no bubby bunnies. I am very nervous about him going in. I will take in some hay and water(with vanilla of course) and pellets from home so he can have something he is used to when he wakes up if he feels like it. I am a...
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    Stephanie and the baby delivery????

    Just wondering if anyone has heard how Stephanie is going? I can't stop thinking about her and if she is doing ok. Today is sunday here so I'll check back later tonight to see if anyone knows anything. Sending off **Be strong** Vibes to Stephanie and her family.:clover:
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    Our Roger

    I want to Thank everyone here for the words of support, love and carethat have flooded my email, the thread about bunnies fighting and my PMbox, The thoughts, cards and wishes were and are a comfort to me and myfamily. Carolyn, Thankyou for talking to me on the phone, and I knowothers here would...
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    2 buns fighting I need help after a HUGE fight tonight

    [size=2] Up until today all of our bunnies gotalong very very well, Roger (girl about 12 weeks old) and Amber (girlroughly same age) got into a fight today and then another HUGE onetonight. They have been seperated, but I am worried Roger may of gotten hurt,she cowars away from Amber yet she...
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    Found Oaten Hay today

    I had earlier posted a topic about Oat hay, Timothy hay etc and not being able to get it here in Oz. Well today I finally came across some Oat hay, the lady said they getit all the time, so that's a plus. I was a bit worried about how thebunnies would go with it, it doesn't look that inviting...
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    Attention Ruka!!!

    I love it!!!!!:highfive: I just had to tell you :P
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    Aussie Members and Timothy Hay

    [size=2] After searching and searching for Timothy hay here where I live andhaving people say to me "what's that?" or "Never heard of the stuff" Idecided I would do a search here on the net about it. Well it seems that there is no Timothy hay here in Oz. Customs doesn'tallow it to be imported...
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    1 Condo turns into 2

    Well we have built the new bunnies a condo of their own! Right next to Bindy, they are next to each other so they can talkthrough the walls (which they have already done) only the top levelis joined. They will stay seperate house for quite a while yet, one day I amhoping we can have them all...
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    Please help with breed types of our new additions

    I have posted about our new bunnies and I am having trouble working outwhat breed they come under. They are from an animal nursery shelter andI know that there are many mixed breeds, but if you think you know whatthey are please feel free to tell me. Laura has said that Gizmo could possibly be...
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    Bindy and the new additions

    (Please bare with me this is a little long) I have been wanting to get another bunny for quite a while now, evenmore so since I helped a rabbit from around the corner from us who Ifound out on the nature strip wet, injured and not cared or wanted onemorning. That in itself is another whole...
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    They say a picture speaks a thousand words, well here's a few thousand I am sure you will be able to understand. Understanding yet????? LOL I went to the pet store where I buy WoodyPet from (for AU$21.00 a bag)and well low and behold they had it on for AU$10.95, and I thought ohok I'll...
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    To all members who have family and friends affected by Hurricane Katrina

    [size=2] As I sit safely here in my home in Australia it's just before 1am onwednesday morning and I am just shocked at the pictures I am seeing ofthe aftermath of hurricane Katrina. I seen lastnight on the news here that the hurricane wasstarting to hit and now as you all face day one after...
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    Bindy is getting a Condo!!

    Well today we started on a NIC Condo for Bindy. We have to get some lino and carpet to finish it all off and we are good to go, well she will be. After seeing them here and researching them and reading and reading about them I decided it'd be great for Bindy. Her new house is 3 NIC squares...
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    Bindy and the dry bath

    Gave Bindy a bath again today :bath:ok maybe it wasn't THAT relaxingfor her, however she did do way better this time around than the lastone. She is smelling very pretty now!! This is what I used for her Last time we had powder and fur flying everywhere and I got the clodshoulder for a...
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    Boathouse Bunny Party

    [size=2] Today is the 9th here in Oz , so that means tomorrow is the Bunny Party!! Hope all of you who are going have a GREAT time, some piccies of thepartying bunnies would be nice;););) Ohhhh and ok if some of you humanswould like to pop your heads on here too that'd be ok as well I guess...
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    [size=2] Pam if you could read this as soon as you can that'd be great thanks