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  1. Remy The Rabbit

    Redoing Remy's Nightime Cage!

    Recently I became aware that it really is a struggle to scoop loads of carefresh out of the bottom of Remy's cage with lots of poop. He really shouldn't be going to the bathroom outside the cage and it was a hassle to clean up. A fellow rabbit owner on here gave some great advice about using...
  2. Remy The Rabbit

    Help! Remy ate pineapple!

    Okay so today we had gotten some pineapple and I like to give Remy some fresh fruit frequently. He has never eaten pineapple before and I knew it was safe, so I took a sliver, maybe 4-5 inches, and was hoping he’d take a small bite. He didn’t seem to like it so I hung out with him for a little...
  3. Remy The Rabbit

    Thought I’d share some funny pics of Remy because why not?

    You don’t have to look at them all LOL.
  4. Remy The Rabbit

    Rabbit litter box issues, sort of?

    As some of you know, Remy has cage where he sleeps at night (sometimes, the door is open at night too) He has a hay feeder and a large litterbox at one corner. There's carefresh bedding everywhere else, just lining the bottom of the cage. He mostly will go to the bathroom in the litterbox, but...
  5. Remy The Rabbit

    Rabbit licking furniture, why? Unneutered behavior?

    Recently, I caught Remy licking the ottoman and couch, and even my shirt. I don't know what he's doing, but is it maybe because he is unneutered? I really want to get him fixed, I even asked my parents yesterday (again) I can afford the surgey, but with everything going on I can't get it done...
  6. Remy The Rabbit

    Remy doesn't like carrots, any suggestions for veggies he might like?

    Hi! I've tried giving Remy carrots before, but he doesn't really like them. He'll either not eat it entirely or nibble it and leave. I've tried cucumber, tomato, and other common veggies. He hasn't taken a liking to really any, he just likes certain fruits. Are there any veggies your bunnies go...
  7. Remy The Rabbit

    Has anyone heard their rabbits squeak? Just thought I'd share!

    Hey all! Just wanted to share that sometimes Remy will make a soft squeaking sound before binkying, but he mostly does it before zoomies. He'll run, pause, thump, then squeak and run super fast around the room. Does anyone else have a rabbit who does this? I thought it was interesting and wanted...
  8. Remy The Rabbit

    Remy has been showing some oddish behavior...

    Hey! Sorry to post again but I wanted to ask about something Remy has been doing. So, Remy isn't neutered yet, I was going to get him fixed before the pandemic. Anyways, Remy has been sort of sticking his thing out and moving it up and down. He hasn't sprayed at all, so I'm wondering what he is...
  9. Remy The Rabbit

    Tooth grinding or purring?

    Hello all! So, I'm with Remy right now, and after some zoomies and food, he flopped and is laying down right now. I've heard him do this before, but he makes a mildly-loud tooth purring sound after he lies down. I just wanted to make sure it was tooth purring and not tooth grinding. He doesn't...
  10. Remy The Rabbit

    Is my rabbit able to be showed?

    Hi! I have a 1-year-old purebred rabbit named Remy. He is an orange mini rex. There are some pictures below.
  11. Remy The Rabbit

    Rabbit color - orange?

    Hey everyone! I was just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me the color of my Mini Rex, Remy. He's a purebred, but I've had many of my friends look at him and ask me what color he is. I describe it as a dark orange, but is there any specific color that his coat is? Also, I was wondering...
  12. Remy The Rabbit

    Bonding with a dominant rabbit. Tips?

    My rabbit, Remy, is kind of affectionate, but he mostly likes to run around and then jump on me and dart off again. He hates being picked up, and never likes to stay in one place for more than 30 seconds to 1 minute, unless he is sleeping. I don't think he's ever shown he loves me with kisses...
  13. Remy The Rabbit

    Rabbit Lifestyle Questions - Tips and Opinions also welcome!

    Hi! I have one rabbit named Remy. He's currently a 1-year-old and he eats timothy hay, as well as fruits and veggies, lettuce included. He also gets a fourth a cup of aIfalfa pellets but I want to transition him over to a fourth a cup of timothy pellets now that he is older. I usually give him...