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  1. Auggie+Snowball+Belle

    Teaching a rabbit to jump over obstacles?

    Hey all. I’m still missing Auggie so much and Belles getting crazier by the day. So we are going to teach her to jump like horses do! Just for fun but we think she’ll absolutely love it seeing how she loves to run around all crazy and jump over baby gates (2 feet tall ones). And it’ll let out...
  2. Auggie+Snowball+Belle

    New bunny won’t come out. RIP

    Hello everyone. A little more than a week ago, I got a new rabbit. He is a 2 month old Holland Lop. He’s acting strange. About 2 days after he got here, he started coming out (on his own account, I don’t pick him up and bring him out). Then after a few days, he stopped coming out of his cage. I...
  3. Auggie+Snowball+Belle

    Getting a new rabbit. Need advise.

    Hey everyone, so I’m getting a new rabbit in a week. He’s a holland lop and is going to be 8 weeks old when we get him. I’ve never had a bunny this young so I have a few questions about what to feed him and care for him Should I give him alfalfa hay or Timothy hay? If alfalfa hay, until what...
  4. Auggie+Snowball+Belle

    Rabbit thinks she’s in charge

    So my rabbit, Belle, is getting out of control. Here’s some info about her: she’s some type of bigger lop, we think French but we’re not sure, she’s 1 year and 2 months old, she weighs around 7-10lbs. We’re getting her another bunny to bond with in a few weeks because Snowball can’t be spayed so...
  5. Auggie+Snowball+Belle

    Should I get another rabbit or will it be upsetting?

    Hey so today I had a scare. So I let out both my rabbits in separate spaces separated by 1 4 foot tall gate (Belle can jump over 2 foot ones) for Belle to keep her in one area and one 2 foot tall baby gate (set up a few feet away from belle’s space) for my other rabbit Snowball. Snowball isn’t...
  6. Auggie+Snowball+Belle

    Help!! No more greens or alfalfa pellets!?

    So my one rabbit has kidney stones we found out today. We took her to a rabbit savvy vet and there’s no more luckily. But the vet said no more greens for her including romaine lettuce which we feed as her evening meal. I already feed her the maximum amount of pellets for her weight... but...
  7. Auggie+Snowball+Belle

    Urgent help needed!! Rabbit making weird noises and is lethargic!

    My 4ish year old female rabbit, Snowball, is making a weird noise and is lethargic (won’t come out of her cage and when she does she hops back in). The noise is sort of a squeak or a wheeze not sure how to describe it more. She tenses up and makes the noise then lays down. She has an irregular...