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  1. Ivythelionhead

    Yellow by nose

    Hey Bucky has yellow by his nose..is this something I should be concerned by?
  2. Ivythelionhead

    Bucky's anus/anal area

    Hi! I have a question for people my rabbit Bucky got poop stuck on his anus so I washed it off as I was cleaning it I noticed it kinda looked red and bloody like not a lot but some and it just looks wrong to me so if someone could help me and let me know what a Rabbit's anus area is supposed to...
  3. Ivythelionhead

    Bucky's anus/anal area

    Hi I have a question for people my rabbit Bucky got poop stuck on his anus so I washed it off and as I was cleaning it I was looking at it and I noticed it was kinda red and bloody like not a lot but some and it looks wrong to me so if someone could help me and let me know what a rabbit's anal...
  4. Ivythelionhead

    Bucky and Basil..Christmas pics

    Here are some really cute Christmas season pics of Bucky and Basil I decided to share and yes I know Basil is a Guinea pig and this is a rabbit forum but they are so adorable I had to share them with someone[emoji173]️[emoji172][emoji319][emoji300]️[emoji951][emoji195]i
  5. Ivythelionhead


    My Bucky just after I groomed him and clipped his nails[emoji195][emoji173]️
  6. Ivythelionhead

    Hamster testicles question

    Hi dose anyone on here know anything about hamsters casue I have a baby Syrian hamster and he is such a Sweetiepie and yesterday his balls looked smaller and today they seem bigger so is that an issue that I should get a vet to look at or maybe did his testicles just grow in?? Any insight would...
  7. Ivythelionhead

    Dust bath 4 bunny

    Hi Erin here... I let my rabbit out today to run around inside and my sister has cats and there litre is very like fine almost like dust anyway we just cleaned it out today and Bucky decided to jump inside it and lay down and roll around like he was having a dust bath..has anyway on here heard...
  8. Ivythelionhead

    New bunny

    I'm adopting a new bunny, he's a bunny from a girl who's down on her luck and she needs to rehome him..anyway he's gonna be in a totally different room then Iris but I want to eventually have them together but Iris hasn't had another bunny around since her brother when I adopted her so I'm just...
  9. Ivythelionhead

    Baby Guinea Pig

    Hi Everyone! I know this is very off topic and not sure if you guys can even help me cause this is a rabbit forum and not a Guinea pig one but I have found your guys wisdom and answers very helpful on here from time to time and I was wondering if anyone has or had experience with Guinea Pigs on...
  10. Ivythelionhead

    What's up with my Cat?

    Hey everyone, I hope your day is going good, mine is..anyway I was petting my cat Pansey and I noticed she had blood on her foot, like dried blood anyway then I saw her stomach and there around her nipples are various scabs and she had scratched so bad that she was bleeding anyway I cleaned her...
  11. Ivythelionhead

    Change in behaviour

    Hi so Iris is a mini Rex she's 3 years old and over a few days she's kinda changed her habits..she's still eating and drinking and pooping and peeing and she's still runs around and plays with her toys but not as much as before, she's definitely not lethargic or anything just not as active but...
  12. Ivythelionhead

    Hamster with maybe wet-tail?

    Hi so I've had hamsters before and I know how to take care of them but never before has my hamster had wet-tail, so I'm wondering what wet tail symptoms are? I've looked it up and saw the symptoms and my hammie seems to be good other then being a bit shy but he did have a wet bum but he's got...
  13. Ivythelionhead

    Hamster problem

    Hey so I have a question and also wondering if this happened to anyone else..so I have a hamster named Ruby she is white all over and beautiful but today as she was walking on my lap I was eating food and some dripped on her and she got all greasy I cleaned most of it off with water and dried...
  14. Ivythelionhead


    Hi Erin here..anyway no problems I just wanted to post a pic of my new Furbaby Ruby, she's a Teddy Bear Hamster and I think she's the most Gorgeous Hamster ever..[emoji173]️
  15. Ivythelionhead

    Slow moving Hamster

    Hi Everyone!! Anyone here have hamsters or have had hamsters before cause I have a question...I have had hamsters before many times so I know how to take care of them and everything and I know that each and every hamster is different but I just got this hamster a long haired one who is female...
  16. Ivythelionhead

    Odd Shedding!

    Hi so I'm Erin and I have a 3 year old Mini Rex rabbit named Iris and I was wondering if it's weird that she only seems to be shedding on her back, she's spayed and she's healthy, still eating, drinking, pooping, peeing all normally, playing, binkying and mostly ignoring me like she usually...
  17. Ivythelionhead

    Grumpy cat

    Dose anyone have a grumpy cat, Pansey my cat is a totally grump especially to our other cats, she is mostly nice to me, but sometimes even to me she can be a bitch, she's spayed and everything, and she's always been this way, I mean as a kitten she was more friendly but as she got older she has...
  18. Ivythelionhead

    Stomach stuff

    Hi so Iris my mini Rex is the weirdest rabbit I've ever had, she's gone through stuff I never had with my other rabbits, anyway so today as always I let her out in the morning when I woke up and she was fine running around, being silly, she's a very lazy, laid back rabbit and today was no...
  19. Ivythelionhead

    Ferret with swollen,itchy eyes

    So my brother has two ferrets both girls, who live together and they have a big cage anyway Ramona has itchy,swollen eyes has anyone had to deal with this ever before, would be awesome to have some input.
  20. Ivythelionhead

    Rabbit shaking entire body, laying down, hot day

    Hi so Iris my bunny is shaking and its very warm out but that's normal right, she's eating, drinking, pooping, peeing and running around and binkying, being totally normal besides the shaking, that's just normal tho right, any info or thoughts would be much appreciated, thank you.