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  1. equipix

    Head Tilt

    I know this is a common thread :( My almost 7 yr old giant flemish's head tilt started much the same as everyone's stories on here. I got him to an emergency vet the day he showed symptoms. She ran lots of blood work and began treatment right away with antibiotics for ear infection, e-coniculi...
  2. equipix

    wild carrot

    I have wild carrot growing in my pasture (I've confirmed it is not poison hemlock). Can rabbits eat the wild carrots, leaves, and flower? I read somewhere they could, but want to be sure.
  3. equipix

    Baby born with no eye or nest box eye?

    A little back story on this first. About 6 years ago, my neighbor had a few of his hutch rabbits get loose and move in under my feed shed. After about a year, they had babies. I thought I had caught all the males and had them neutered, but apparently, I missed one. Needless to say, we have had...
  4. equipix

    best tile cleaner

    My two bunnies are litter trained, but for some reason at night will choose to pee on the tile instead of the litter pans. I use a vinegar and water solution to clean up the mess, but wondered if Clorox's Urine Remover would work better. Does anyone have other suggestions for removing stains...
  5. equipix

    trouble bonding males

    I have 2 males, both rescues. The oldest is 4 and was neutered back at Christmas. The other is about a year and was neutered about 2 months ago. The oldest just lost his bonded male mate. Both are housed where they can nose each other. They are non aggressive when they can touch nose to nose...
  6. equipix

    elderly bunny weight issues

    My 9 yr old Flemish giant is slowly losing weight. Last fall just before his vet visit he had a GI status episode and a stroke. My vet (rabbit specialist) diagnosed a terminal liver issue. She gave him weeks rather than months. Fortunately she was wrong on timing, and six months later he is...