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  1. Catlyn

    Outbursts of fighting?

    I don't know where to put this post, so i'll have it in the behaviour tab. Yesterday morning I went away for a night to visit a relative of mine, and when i came home today evening, i was hit with unpleasant news. Storm was sleeping in the pen, and Lümi was on my bed all hunched up and full of...
  2. Catlyn

    Can a rabbit's tail be dislocated?

    I was just wondering, a bit nervously, if a rabbit's tail can be dislocated by accident, and if so, how likely would it be? I feel like an idiot asking this question, but i want to be on the safe side of things before rushing into assumptions. The thing is, i did kind of a dumb thing- i was on...
  3. Catlyn

    Overnight bonding?

    I started re-bonding Storm and Lümi a couple days ago (october) as the required two months after neuter have passed for both and my parents are thinking of moving next week or shortly after that. So the first bonding session went really well when compared to earlier attempts. It was my bad to...
  4. Catlyn

    Extra Kisses anybody?

    I'm sitting on the bed and Lümi's kissing me like crazy. He just licks away at my arms, nudges his head into my elbows, cleans himself, bounces and binkies, goes totally nuts and comes round to lick me to heaven and hell all over again. I've discovered that he's a very affectionate bunny and...
  5. Catlyn

    I'm stressed and shocked! Bunny bitten! Help!

    That one and only second i left the door a little bit too open when entering the room, Lümi slipped underneath my feet and ran to meet Storm whom he'd been pretty chill with when neutral bonding. I couldn't catch up to Lümi to stop him, the next moment i hear mum screech out and Lümi came...
  6. Catlyn

    Something that isn't supposed to be there...

    As i was giving Lümi massage for his uproaring belly (nothing unusual in his diet had happened) j noticed something hard. I seeked it out from underneath the fur and this is what i found: Is that perhaps a crust from a possible bite mark that he might've gotten while on a bunny date?
  7. Catlyn

    Wonky poop, help!?

    Lümi has a fat belly that is a bit stiff. He won't let me massage it but he's active, drinking water too. I made him move around and move his belly when he lets me, from which low gurgles came. I haven't heard him teeth noising yet. Now he produced some wonky-looking poop without any visible...
  8. Catlyn

    Too early meetings?

    Some people might've spotted my previous threads of Lümi getting neuterd and becoming Storm's buddy-in-training. Dad and i have reached a conflict on when and how to introduce them. That resulted in the fact that three days ago both were running loose in rooms until fur-pulling and separated...
  9. Catlyn

    Sacks right after neuter?

    Lümi got home about three hours ago and he was licking his sacks a lot. I flipped him over and speedily snagged some pics. Is that silver glittery thing glue? Are those tiny slits in the sacks normal looking?
  10. Catlyn

    Ow! He bit me!

    I was outside with Storm, running and chasing him from the hedges, and i took him back inside while holding him. His smell stuck to my shirt. I then went to hang around with Lümi, he sniffed my shirt and nothing else about it. I plucked some of his hanging loose fur and then went to see again...
  11. Catlyn

    Slit in his ear

    I noticed that Lűmi has a perfectly triangular, fully healthy looking small slit on his right ear and he doesn't mind if i touch it. So i was wondering: do some breeders mark their litters in such ways? Not great clear ones but he wouldn't stay still for me to get better pics.
  12. Catlyn

    Uneven poops!

    Lumi's poos are very uneven, some even stink. The savvy vet said his health is fine though. Thoughts?
  13. Catlyn

    New bun just spat out what seems to be a ceco?

    He's just been set up in our home and calming. He's naturally stressed but he's eaten hay during the ride and now nibbles at home. The vet also said that there were absolutely no blockages and gas pains. His belly just went bloom though and when i tried to massage, gave me gurgly sounds. Can...
  14. Catlyn

    What sort of mix is he?

    We picked up the 6mth white pretty pal "Desiree" from the owner and took it to the vet. She looked at the bun, weighed it (a little under 4kg) and checked its parts just to make sure. " Your Desiree is a boy," the vet said, "she's got two sacks all right. But he's healthy otherwise, molars are a...
  15. Catlyn

    A litterbox question? A bonding question?

    I made a wooden litterbox for Storm's crate when he got used to the indoors with it. As he's now mostly free roam dad and i got him a bit bigger plastic container box roughly 40*60*17cm in size. Fits perfectly into his corner. It would also fit in the crate if we so wanted to, thus the first...
  16. Catlyn

    Is that a moult pattern?

    That darker line in his coat?
  17. Catlyn

    Broken hidden nail!

    I was combing Storm earlier today and i noticed that his right front paw's hidden nail was sticking out sideways. We struggled with me inspecting it since he won't stay still in any method i try. So with loads of troubles i finally got to see it. His poor little nail had snapped in half and bent...
  18. Catlyn

    What to ask when bringing her home?

    Our cousin shared a post of someone giving away their sweet loppy girl on facebook. Dad and i took a liking to her so we contacted her owner to ask if she was still looking for a home. The post was uploaded yesterday and was titled urgent. Lucky for us she was booked for someone but cancelled...
  19. Catlyn


    I went for a walk on our land and at the edge of it grow various strawy greens. So i can assure they're pesticide free. I did harvest and dry some, Storm seems to like these long strands. I also took a picture of that messy bundle as i was just wondering if anybody spots anything odd or...
  20. Catlyn

    Help with restricting area?SORT OF URGENT.

    Since Storm is going to get fixed TOMORROW, he needs a smaller space of our room just to be safe and also to avoid any mischievious zooms and crashes at 4 in the morning when i'm trying to sleep. We have those big chunky floorboard sheet thingies that are pretty big. In the picture below the...