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  1. Scarlette

    How to introduce veggies ? And more

    Hi guys !, Ummm... I have a question : How do you introduce veggies to rabbits. This, I feel like is one of the hardest parts of my experience right now. And also another question : How long does it take to introduce veggies to a rabbit ?
  2. Scarlette

    Rabbit ate lime peel ?

    Is lime peels bad for rabbits ? Because my bun definitely ate some lime peels. This morning I let Corrie out before I went to online school, but little did I know there was a lime on the flood, as a curious bun Corrie is she nibbled/ate the lime peel, it seems like she didn't really like it, so...
  3. Scarlette

    Wrong Pellets... What to do ?

    Ok sooo.... My dad accidently bought the wrong pellets for my bun and fed it to him 😩, I think it was one from the Kaytee brand with small red chunks in it, but right now I'm really worried about my fur baby, but I really don't know what to do, any suggestions ?
  4. Scarlette

    Neighbor's rabbit is hurt and in very bad condition, How to help ?

    My neighbor got a new bunny for her 6 year old child, Amelia (it was a birthday present for her), I've seen their habitat and it is HORRIBLE, the poor bunny lives in a petstore cage uses a water bottle, is on a ALL PELLET DIET, no toys, no hay, the bunny is 2 months old, a grayish/blue holland...
  5. Scarlette

    Green stuff around my bun's nose

    My bunny has a greenish tinge around her nostril, Any ideas ? (Sorry about the bad pictures its hard to take a photo of a moving animal)
  6. Scarlette

    What are the best Wood Stove pellets ?

    Could anyone tell me what brand of wood stove pellets you use ? Which brand you recommend ?
  7. Scarlette

    Any tips for traveling with a bunny ?

    This year my parents decided it would be a fun vacation to Yosemite National Park in a trailer, and we're bringing our pet rabbit with us. I've been a bit worried about my Havana bunny because I heard that rabbits do not like being in long car rides, we are also bringing our cat (for unknown...
  8. Scarlette

    Help! Rabbit Chewing Cords !

    I just got this Havana baby bun (9 weeks old), and she has been chewing cords in our home!, I've told my dad to wrap the cords in some flex tubing, but he won't because he thinks it ugly and it won't look good in our house :rolleyes:, Could anyone tell me any other alternatives that not the...