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  1. Chloe Duwelius

    no cooperation with potty training!

    Hi! Powder got spayed about a month ago. After she recovered, I made her a litter box and began her free roaming journey around my bedroom. But, she just doesn't get it. She poops where she pleases. I clean them up right when I see them, and I show her me putting them in her litter box, hoping...
  2. Chloe Duwelius

    after-spay training issues

    hi! Powder got spayed a few weeks ago. I have kept her in a big play pen to recover and to get potty trained. for a couple weeks she was using those turkey roaster things as a litter box, and she was getting the hang of it. then i made a permanent litter box for her out of a bin. it has a lid on...
  3. Chloe Duwelius

    Cat litter for underneath mesh floor

    Hi! My Holland lop bunny has a armoire that we turned into a cage. She has 3 levels. The top 2 levels are wood with puppy pads and fleece covering it because she is not spayed yet. The bottom level is mesh, and beneath the mesh layer is a big tray to catch her number 1 and number 2. We are...
  4. Chloe Duwelius

    Bunny claw clipping?

    Hi! My bunny, Powder, is maybe a couple months old (I could get the exact age if needed) and I was wondering if I should clip her claws on my own or if I should bring her to the vet to have it done while she is young? Thanks!