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  1. sumashollands

    Potential show bunny?

    I have a 4 week old Holland lop buck out of a show quality buck and a not so show quality VM doe. He is a tort, and has a really nice head and crown so far, ( I know it’s a bit early to be looking for show standards but it’s kind of fun) he is so far following his fathers qualities. That’s when...
  2. sumashollands


    So I had my rabbits in exercise pens outside today, and (I’m not sure how it happened) but when I went back a few minutes later, my doe was relaxing outside her pen, and the bucks were a little bit away fighting! My buck, and my younger siblings pet one! So this doe has a litter of 6 kits, two...
  3. sumashollands

    rabbit shows?

    Anybody know when rabbit shows are back on, or when one is on, and where to find that Information?
  4. sumashollands

    False dwarf Holland, or mini lop?

    Can anyone help me here with situation? I have a “lop” doe, I had gotten her “second hand” I believe she is a false dwarf Holland lop, she weighs 4.6 pounds, but I always have the thought, “what If she is a mini lop?” Also, does anyone have a mini lop doe, and knows how many teats she has? Maybe...
  5. sumashollands

    Bunny colours

    Hi everyone on here, I have a few questions about Holland lop colours and how they work breeding wise.so, I have a broken chestnut (I think) false dwarf doe, and a black tort, true dwarf buck. I bred the two, and she produced 5 opal coloured kits??! Iffy anyone has an idea, or I misunderstood...