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  1. Daisy's Mom

    What is your bunny named and why?

    My bunny's name is Daisy. I named her that because the daughter of a friend thought I should name my new puppy Daisy, but we had already picked out a name (Ella). A month later we got... Daisy. 😃
  2. Daisy's Mom

    Going on vacation... solo bunny

    I forgot about that...thanks for the reminder!
  3. Daisy's Mom

    Going on vacation... solo bunny

    Thanks! I had looked at something similar but wasn't sure if it would work.
  4. Daisy's Mom

    Going on vacation... solo bunny

    Thank you. I have fencing that we can put around her hutch so she has extra space & can play in her tunnel. Quite frankly I think she would be happier @ home vs. the long car ride with stops because of the dog's & the lack of space in our RV. This is her current situation...
  5. Daisy's Mom

    Going on vacation... solo bunny

    Hi All. I've read a few of the posts regarding leaving your bunny home & having someone come over daily. I will be gone for 1 week. Here at home we also have our two dogs. They will be with us. So, Daisy will be home alone. I've considered taking Daisy with me. But, it's a good 6 hour drive...
  6. Daisy's Mom

    Any other pets? :)

    Daisy (she is 2)my holland lop with Finn (he is 4)my labrador retriever. I also have a 2 yr old female lab. Neither one of them mess with Daisy, but Daisy seems to be drawn to Finn. It's very sweet.
  7. Daisy's Mom

    Kaytee Brand Food

    My bunny, Daisy a holland lop has been on Oxbow pellets & hay since I got her as a baby. She is now 2 & has done very well on it.
  8. Daisy's Mom

    Sick or relaxed..??

    My girl Daisy does the same thing! It's good to know that she is relaxed!
  9. Daisy's Mom

    Keeping rabbits cool in summer

    My girl Daisy. She will be 2 in June.
  10. Daisy's Mom

    Keeping rabbits cool in summer

    Thanks for all the information. This is her inside hutch & area. The gate remains open so, she can come & go. In the evening she will come back into the house without any issue. She definitely is sassy!
  11. Daisy's Mom

    Keeping rabbits cool in summer

    Glad that this question was asked... I live in central Florida. I have a Holland lop she is free roaming (house has been bunny proofed) we have a big 2 story hutch on our back screened room, approximately 400 sf. She loves it out there. We have the heat deflecting blinds on the side walls...
  12. Daisy's Mom

    Aggressive female rabbit

    I had my Holland Lop spayed when she was 13 months old. That was in July. It has made a huge difference in her temperament. She is back to being very sweet & fun. She is a wonderful family member!