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  1. JBun

    Rabbit Savvy Vet in Vancouver BC

    This member would like a second opinion on their bun and is looking for a good vet in the Vancouver area. http://www.rabbitsonline.net/f27/mini-lop-headtilt-79309/#post1026234 If you know of a good vet, if you wouldn't mind posting the info in the above thread. Thanks
  2. JBun

    Eight is Enough!

    Well..... Actually I have 11 :pullhair: But I thought it was a catchy title(for those of you old enough to even recognize the name). Jeez! I can't believe I'm actually breaking down and starting a bunny blog, but I feel bad posting my pics on Chris and Morgan's blogs all the time, though they...
  3. JBun

    Probiotics: Good or Bad?

    I've used probiotics with my rabbits in the past when they've had various digestive issues, and I encountered a few problems with using it. So I feel a little reluctant recommending it to people, yet I know that it can also be helpful, so I just would like to gather some more information from...
  4. JBun

    Man Attacks Rabbit With Sword

    So I was watching the news tonight and they had this story about this psycho trying to attack this family's pet rabbit with a sword. The guy was supposedly a family friend... I bet he isn't anymore! Luckily the little bun ended up being ok. Poor little guy :( I hope he gets over the whole...