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  1. Nancy McClelland

    Get to know each other game!

    Nope--Las Vegas NV were almost all the population in the state resides. The person below me likes to cook with a Barbeque. (we make main, sides, deserts, and even breakfast on ours)
  2. Nancy McClelland

    Should I stop feeding my bunny vegetables? - I'm worried about her droppings

    Ours had a problem with alfalfa in the pellets--switched to pure timothy--no alfalfa at all--and problem solved
  3. Nancy McClelland

    Should I stop feeding my bunny vegetables? - I'm worried about her droppings

    No brocoli--it's a cruciferous vegetable--causes gas which can be deadly to bunnies. Try a variety--there are several links here as to what they can be given safely and it may take time. Our two like Cilantro the best and Arugula. You can mail order Alfalfa thru Amazon but you'll need to...
  4. Nancy McClelland

    Goodbye to our little Charlene.

    Hi my sweet little girl, you are still greatly missed.
  5. Nancy McClelland

    Goodbye my little Girl Nikki

    Another year gone....still miss you my little Ratzo!
  6. Nancy McClelland

    What is my bun?

    Very cute. One of our rescues was an "English Spot mix"--7 pounds and very skinny and "full grown". Turned out she was a "Pure Checkered Giant" and filled out to 20 pounds. Happy and healthy is all we care about.
  7. Nancy McClelland

    New bunny won’t come out. RIP

    So sorry for your loss.
  8. Nancy McClelland

    Deaf Bunnies??

    We have a new rescue that is a BEW and he definitely can hear.
  9. Nancy McClelland

    Farewell Lady

    Sorry for your loss.
  10. Nancy McClelland

    Orchard Grass Hay -- do most bunnies like it?

    Also, was allergic to Timothy--had to handle with gloves and a respirator--no problem with Orchard grass, less dust, and no sneezing.
  11. Nancy McClelland

    Orchard Grass Hay -- do most bunnies like it?

    Our 2 both like it--our newest rescue goes thru 3 fillings of his hay rack a day. We had one rescue that had only ate pellets--after 3 days of limited pellets, he started in on Orchard Grass and would really eat it like it was his favorite. It can be hard making the transition from alfalfa to...
  12. Nancy McClelland

    BunBun's 1/2 Birthday!

    Happy Half!
  13. Nancy McClelland

    Anyone one else have 6 rabbits?!

    The most we had at one time was 17--all rescues so all shape and sizes from a 1.4 lb Nethie Dwarf to a 20 lb Checkered Giant.
  14. Nancy McClelland

    My heart hurts

    So sorry for your loss.
  15. Nancy McClelland

    Would this be okay??

    Block off access to the room--make it rabbits only!
  16. Nancy McClelland

    Hutch went to the rainbow bridge today

    3 years already--still talk about you and miss you, my silly boy. We have a new rescue that is a little rocket just like you except he's white with blue eyes like you had. Rest in peace my little man and binky free.
  17. Nancy McClelland

    Goodbye Oakley

    So sorry for your loss. Coyotes are the main problem here--one of our neighbors got their patio furniture destroyed and didn't know the culprit til they played their camera footage. We don't leave anything out, our bunnies would have to open 2 doors to escape and our small dog is 172 pounds so...
  18. Nancy McClelland

    Concerns about hay box?

    I use a hay rack from Fosters and Smith--hang it right by the pan so they can do their business and have hay without soiling it.