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  1. samoth

    Rabbit doesn’t like hay

    My doe doesn't care for hay much, either. I got her at 3.5 years old, so perhaps it was something she didn't get much of when she was younger. I tried several different types of hay, and she was pretty indifferent to all of it. I bought a small box of alfalfa to mix up with her hay to get her...
  2. samoth

    Do you brush your rabbits??

    My doe loves attention & being groomed. My buck, however, doesn't. He'll just growl at me and hop away. The best I can do is try to pet/goom him during their nightly grooming sessions when he's more relaxed and get some of the loose fur off. He's currently in the process of blowing his entire...
  3. samoth

    Frustrated Bunny owner ready to give up!

    Here's a list of rabbit-savvy vets in the Orlando area. I got this list from the House Rabbit Society's vet listing page. http://orlandorabbit.org/rabbitvets/rabbitvets.php
  4. samoth

    What are the best Wood Stove pellets ?

    Absolutely interested! A lot of stuff is communicated & recommunicated on the internet, often with best intentions, without individuals knowing why something is so. I always enjoy hearing from those with actual expertise.
  5. samoth

    Happy 4th!

    Happy 4th of July!
  6. samoth

    Enough already--get the politics out of here!

    US politics have become very charged with emotion. Very vocal (and often offensive) people on the extreme ends of the political spectrum seem to have taken front and center. Social issues are back in focus, with protests (both peaceful and otherwise) taking place in many cities. The...
  7. samoth

    Best brush for bun

    I have a HairBuster and soft rubber brush thing. Neither of my rabbits like the HairBuster, but it works well. My doe seems to like the rubber brush sometimes, but it doesn't take out fur nearly as well as the HairBuster. I usually end up just grooming them by hand and removing fur that way...
  8. samoth

    Cottontails in our yard (as our dog looks on)

    Nice! The most I've gotten around my back deck was 4 cottontails... but that's only after I trained them with treats. I enjoy watching rabbits in the wild.
  9. samoth

    Remy doesn't like carrots, any suggestions for veggies he might like?

    My guys love endive, dandelion, kale, cilantro, parsley, and rappini. I've tried numerous things from the grocery store that I read on rabbit-friendly veggie lists and, after time, developed an idea of their individual tastes.
  10. samoth

    Give 'em some book suggestions!

    Geometrical Vectors by Weinreich. Great for anyone taking college calculus who wants a way to visualize the maths. Modern Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis by Gruber et al. The #1 text for a background in investing. Gravitation by Misner, Thorne, & Wheeler. The #1 text on relativity. Not...
  11. samoth

    Free roaming entire house?

    Only the doe did it; she was a 3.5yo rescue, just neutered, and no history as a house rabbit. I spend an entire winter (plus some) basically sitting with her every evening in the room she liked to be in at night, reading magazines, and sending her on time-outs (back into the open xpen in another...
  12. samoth

    Free roaming entire house?

    I do this, but started small: xpen in bedroom -> entire bedroom -> most of floor -> entire floor + stairs & landing -> entire house. The transition took around a year due to the doe being munchy with carpet and needing lots of watching during expansion phases, and the buck not braving the...
  13. samoth

    Your favorite hobby?

    A few of mine: 1) Weightlifting. Really helps to have a basement gym when everything's closed! This is probably the best stress reliever and natural high one can get. This has always been a big part of my life. It's a personal/do-alone thing for me, too -- I'm not a fan of group workouts or...
  14. samoth

    Pet insurance?

    Last I checked (some years ago), no one in the US offered true insurance for rabbits. They had plans that took a monthly premium and basically acted like a savings account without interest, though... but it wasn't actual "insurance." Not sure if that's changed. I've heard places in Europe offer...
  15. samoth

    How do you handle set backs and keep staying positive

    I've had some medical/surgery stuff going on in my life since early January. The COVID stuff has been pretty surreal for me, since I haven't been getting out that much. For me, I focus on getting better, keeping myself strong & healthy, and surround myself with good/supportive people (and...
  16. samoth

    Have any of you noticed people act weird towards you because of the COVID-19

    There have been many changes since I last commented in this thread -- the state issued a lockdown, and my company has half the employees working from home. Many individuals in service industries have lost their jobs, larger firms & corporations are mandating pay cuts and putting plans in place...
  17. samoth

    Vacuum Poll! Which vacuum(s) do you use with house rabbits?

    My ten-year-old Bissell vacuum is almost dead, so I picked up a new one from the store last week. (It was even advertised as a "pet vacuum," but that's obviously a gimmick and it's just a regular vacuum cleaner.) I was sad to find that the thing completely clogged up with hair and normal vacuum...
  18. samoth

    rabbit words?

    Nope, just a fan of their music :) Also, I didn't even thing about bags. Nothing draws the rabbits to a person/place more than the crinkle of a bag!
  19. samoth

    rabbit words?

    My rabbits know: - Treat treat - Cage time - usually their names - Nei (my doe is named "Bose," so I use the Norwegian form of "no" so as to not get her confused) - Uppy - Chip chip When I was working with my doe's litter box habbits, I had her responding well to "good girl litter box treat...
  20. samoth

    Have any of you noticed people act weird towards you because of the COVID-19

    They announced K-12 school closings in my state today (Michigan, USA), so things are getting more panicky. Grocery stores are getting raided, but that's likely more for everyone staying home with kids for the next 3 weeks than the virus.