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  1. Abby Hernandez

    Anyone have (or had) hedgehogs?

    I had one a while ago if you get one I would recommend getting a baby so you can socialize it as soon as you get it or it will be very shy and won’t come out. Also for hedgehogs you might want to introduce it to baths frequently because if you don’t do it when they are younger it could go into...
  2. Abby Hernandez

    What breed is my bunny?

    They aren’t common but, who knows maybe you got a special one!
  3. Abby Hernandez

    What breed is my bunny?

    Almost looks like a Rhinelander or an English.
  4. Abby Hernandez

    Hay rack

    If you go on Chewy.com you can find cheap Timothy hay
  5. Abby Hernandez

    Hay rack

    Try getting a bigger hay rack or more hay holders so then they don’t have to knock it all out to get ahold of the hay.
  6. Abby Hernandez

    Bunny turned aggressive

    Block off that section for a while because bunnies are very territorial. Once she is starting to show less agression open it back up to her, but let her know you can be around her over by the heat. Show her that you are in control.