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  1. myLoki

    Mourning Bunny or Sick Bunny?

    Loki didn't run to his dish tonight and he just sat there. He didn't seem to want to interact, but I picked him up anyway and carried him around. I checked his tushy, his feet, his eyes, mouth, tummy, and nose. Everything is normal, but he's not himself. Do you think it's possible he's just in...
  2. myLoki

    RIP Lily Bean

    I didn't think I'd have to post here for a while, but again I've been proven wrong. My Lily girl passed away today sometime between when I left for work and when I returned. It was sudden. She ate and drank water yesterday. I don't know what went wrong. My sister found her laying in the middle...
  3. myLoki


    :birthday This country has it's problems, but I love it anyway. :heartbeat: :party0002::yahoo::USAflagwaving::party::balloons: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA! :USA:HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY, EVERYONE!:USA: Even if you're not from America you can still celebrate freedom. :biggrin2: t.
  4. myLoki

    About to lay him to rest.

    This is my CJ dog. We're not going to make it to 12 years together. We missed it by a couple of weeks. I nursed him through parvo as a puppy and he's been through thick and thin with me. Through some of the most difficult times of my short life, he stood by me. Now it's time for me to do...
  5. myLoki

    Small Hurricane Heading My Way

    Small hurricane heading my way. Just got down from fixing a leak in our roof with my dad. Battening down the hatches. We have a new shed in the back that we're loading with heavy things plus we need to tie down the fence. Alex has already killed 4 people and brought torrential rain and flooding...
  6. myLoki


    SO EXCITED!!! Anyone else out there following? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: GO USA! GO MEXICO! GO SPAIN!!!!!!!!:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: t.:big wink:
  7. myLoki

    Need some help identifying a baby bird my sister brought home.

    Please tell me if you know what it is. It appears to be some bird of prey. I'm taking it back to the area she found it in tomorrow to try to find its nest. I suspect it might be an owl, but I'm not sure. Can anyone tell me what to do for it until I can get it back to its mom? I gave it water and...
  8. myLoki

    Want to hear something funny?

    Some school districts in the Rio Grande Valley (where I live in Deep South Texas) are considering canceling school on Friday because it's going to be around 28 at 7 am. I'm sorry. I know that's cold but come on! You guys up north go to school in way worse right? This is definitely not a cold...
  9. myLoki

    Good luck to any teachers out there

    I know different states start school at different times but tomorrow is the first day of school for the majority of Texas. Wish us luck as we venture forth with a new group of kiddos. :wiggle This is going to be me at the end of tomorrow.:faint:hehe! t.
  10. myLoki

    Requesting some thoughts and prayers

    History: My grandfather had a heart attack about ten years go. They got him to the hospital in time and the doctors realized that he had to have open heart surgery because too many of his arteries were clogged and it was starving his heart. They got him into surgery and discovered 5 major...
  11. myLoki

    Check out this bunny shirt on Woot.

    http://shirt.woot.com/ I already ordered myself one. I think it's super cute!!!!:bunnydance: I love the write ups they do on their shirts Here is what they wrote about this shirt. You guys are going to love it! "As far as we can tell, there are a few things this shirt requires in order to...
  12. myLoki

    I can't take this heat anymore!

    My poor Rotty pup! I don't know what else to do for him. My poor baby. I have a kiddie pool for him, a mister (releases mist into his area), I wet the ground where he lays, he gets a bath twice a day, and gets fresh water twice a day with ice in it. He's not allowed inside.He's getting old (he's...
  13. myLoki

    Need some prayers

    I need some prayers tonight. My grandma was in a car accident today. A tarp flew off the truck that was driving in front of her. It covered her whole windshield and she lost control. She rolled over off the road and flipped a few times. She is at the hospital right now and is conscious. She...
  14. myLoki

    The mother of all dry spells

    I don't know what has been up lately. My last real date was almost two years ago. I can't seem to find anyone I'm interested in. Worse yet, I can't find anyone that is interested in me. I just don't know what is going on. I'm not the prettiest girl around, but I'm not ugly either. I'm smart and...
  15. myLoki


    What do I make to feed him? he has severe maloclusion that went undiagnoseduntil just now.He is very cold to the touch. I've wrapped him ina warm rice sock. He seems to be sleeping. Please help! Everyone is crying we don't know what to do! t.
  16. myLoki

    Anyone know the dimensions of 25lbs of hay from Oxbow?

    Hello all, I am SOOOOO tired of paying a ridiculous amount of money for hay from Petsmart so I'm going to try to order online. I've looked around at local farmers but I can't find anything other than timothy or coastal. I am allergic to both! The only hay that doesn't drive me up the wall is...
  17. myLoki

    New Chi Puppy

    We've had our darling Bailey for three weeks and boy has she flipped our lives around. My dog lost his potty skills because of her. He HATED her. lol. They get along really well now. He's back to going potty outside and she is so much a part of our lives we can't imagine not having her around...
  18. myLoki

    Bunny Shirt on Woot

    Check out the shirt.woot for today! I already ordered mine. hehe! It's so cute! http://shirt.woot.com/ t.
  19. myLoki

    Hello Dolly!

    Hey everyone! Well, hurricane season started a few weeks ago and I'm surprised its been relatively quiet so far. I guess I spoke to soon because Dolly is heading straight for us. Due to arrive on Wednesday evening. She should get here as a Cat. 1 so there isn't too much to worry about. I could...
  20. myLoki

    Anyone else's phone acting very wierd!?

    My cellphone won't let me call certain people. Now I wouldn't think this to be so wierd if my mom's, sisters', and dad's phone weren't doing the same thing!!!! It will say "Connecting.." and once it connects it just hangs up! Anyone?! What's going on? t.