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  1. Stourmy

    What is your bunny named and why?

    Currently in my house we have Sweatheart - always begging for attention Mama Chilla - our oldest rabbit and is a Chinchilla Whitefoot - he's all black except 1 foot and a little white on his face Koko Eve - our youngest and future momma Koko is native American for night/black and Eve is the...
  2. Stourmy

    Outdoor pictures

    Siblings that were split for fostering (one doe is a great mother but lost her only kit so to help the new mom and give the runts a better chance I split them) and these pictures are a couple days apart. All are less than a week.
  3. Stourmy

    What breed is this bunny?

    He looks kinda like my NZ broken doe
  4. Stourmy

    Outdoor pictures

    6 weeks old
  5. Stourmy

    Bunny Photos-- Share Cute Bunny Photos

    Parfait Peaches Crème Baklava
  6. Stourmy

    Does anyone know what this is?

    Is the stem kinda square? If so it could be a member of the mint family. IDK if it's edible
  7. Stourmy

    Bunny Photos-- Share Cute Bunny Photos

    Parfait, a chinchilla mix, as a lap warmer in training, 4 weeks old. Mom and siblings were trying to sleep and she was being a pest
  8. Stourmy

    Share your day :)

    Today I played ESO for awhile, played with our baby (3weeks old) bunnies, and organized a sewing box including de-tangling thread
  9. Stourmy

    Advice needed

    It looks like readigrass is like orchard grass but has mostly ryegrass. From my research ryegrass is safe for rabbits. read more here https://bunnyapproved.com/foraging-101-collecting-fresh-greens-for-your-rabbit/
  10. Stourmy

    Name Suggestions?

    S'mores cause
  11. Stourmy

    Doe nesting early

    His lack of experience means he might have missed his target or if you're weather is too warm it can temporarily sterilize him
  12. Stourmy

    Is this just a little pimple on my rabbit penis?

    Don't even try to pop it. Not only would it be extremely painful but it could spread the infection to more than just his "skin" Unless a vet suggests otherwise I'd clean it up to once a day and leave it alone till gone
  13. Stourmy

    Need help please

    Diatomaceous earth is safe for furry and feathered friends. https://richsoil.com/diatomaceous-earth.jsp#:~:text=Diatomaceous%20earth%20kills%20all%20bugs,when%20the%20grains%20are%20stored.&text=This%20is%20a%20great%20improvement,put%20in%20with%20the%20grain.
  14. Stourmy

    my Rabbit is being cranky and won’t let me touch her belly

    Nest making and fur pulling are the usual signs of imminent kindling.