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  1. sumashollands

    Momma only had one surviving kit

    I’ve had two singleton kits in two different litters before. The mom took still took care of him, if I thought otherwise, then I just would let him nurse on her.
  2. sumashollands

    What colour is my mini lop

    Looks like a broken tort
  3. sumashollands

    Rabbit Picture Thread! - Share those cutie pies!

    Two week old Holland Lop kit. so roly poly. I absolutely adore him or her already!
  4. sumashollands

    Potential show bunny?

    Yup, dam had a longer body, although the father i got from a good breeder, and has good body type, other than his back feet being slightly too close too his front.
  5. sumashollands

    Potential show bunny?

    Ok thanks for the advice!
  6. sumashollands

    Potential show bunny?

    Same bunny at 8 weeks.
  7. sumashollands

    Rabbit Picture Thread! - Share those cutie pies!

    sharing pictures of Lopsy, she was scared of everything when I first got her. She is better now, though still a skittish rabbit. I hope she will get better eventually.
  8. sumashollands

    Rabbit eye infection

    Try coconut oil, worked on my bunny.
  9. sumashollands

    Any other pets? :)

    I have lots of bunnies, (too many, lol) A cat with 6 kittens A crazy German Shepherd puppy/dog that loves to chase things and chew up things, Lots of chickens ( I’m not sure that counts as pets) Two goats that “maaaaiiiii” when we leave them alone. and our first horse we are trailing over in...
  10. sumashollands

    Rim around rabbit's eye is red?

    A similar thing happened to one of my bunnies. Only it looked worse, there was a long, swollen pink line near one eye. It looked a bit like the first bunnies picture. She was still eating and everything, but I was wondering how it felt to her, and what I should do, before taking her to the vet...
  11. sumashollands

    Get to know each other game!

    False. I live up a mountain lol The person below me loves horses 🐎 (like me)
  12. sumashollands

    Baby bunnies pending! Please help!

    Congratulations!! That’s awesome
  13. sumashollands


    Turns out everything is ok, since it’s been over a month. 😉 I must have overreacted. Yay for my buck who saved her. If he hadn’t fought the other one, the other one probably would’ve bred her.
  14. sumashollands

    Baby bunnies pending! Please help!

    I’d just leave her alone, then time to time check quietly without disturbing her, so if a kit was born not in the nest box, then you can save it, etc.
  15. sumashollands

    Can an adult cat and young rabbit become friends?

    I have a cat and quite a few rabbits. It really depends on the cat though, Being a predator. My cat is a very nice loving cat, who never scratches or bites people. Although I have a very dominant rabbit, I put cat and rabbit together and the rabbit started to attack the cat. Try having the...
  16. sumashollands

    Bonding question

    If they are grooming each other that is good. When they are together for good, they will probably have little fights every once in a while. Then it will most likely end in a grooming, which means they have gotten back together, or one has forgiven the other, and apology accepted. I had a bonded...
  17. sumashollands

    Potential show bunny?

    but that doesn’t make sense? Father was a black tort, and mother was blue???
  18. sumashollands

    EMERGENCY!!! rabbit isn’t pooping

    Hmmm, new buns are sometimes like that, especially young ones. One of mine was extremely shy to, and didn’t seem to eat much, she’s getting better though. I’m sure yours will too!