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  1. Marikristine

    What's your bun's hair grooming brush?

    Hi! I'm curious on what hair grooming brush you all guys use for your bunnies :) Thanks!
  2. Marikristine

    White discharge on my bunny's eyes, what does this mean?

    My bunny is turning 10 months old next month, he has watery eyes with white discharge. We have visited his vet and his molar has been trimmed but still has watery eyes with white discharge. What else to do? Anyone knows what this means? Is it an allergy? Thank you. Edit: also, everytime I come...
  3. Marikristine

    Any tricks/tips on how to encourage my rabbit to eat more hay

    hi guys! i'd like to ask for any tips or tricks i can do to encourage my bunny to eat more hay. Thank you :)
  4. Marikristine

    My bunny's behavior

    Hi! Lately, my bunny has been behaving differently. He used to sleep by 6 in the morning then be active at around 7 in the evening. Now, he sleeps at 1 in the afternoon then be active at 8 in the evening. He has become a little aggressive, he likes to nibble my father and brother's legs. I'd...
  5. Marikristine

    My bunny seems super sleepy today, is this normal?

    Hi! I am a new member and first time to take care of a rabbit. I've done some research on how to take care of them and to understand their behavior. I got him just this Feb 1 and been feeding him with fresh veggies, fruits and some pellets. Since then he has grown so much and became a little...