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  1. MochiTheBunny

    Is this normal?

    Hello everyone! Today I was looking at my rabbit and I noticed he has a heart-shaped bunch of fur around his nose. Looking back at older pictures and videos, it didn't seem that noticeable. Is this normal? If so, can you explain why this happens? Also, Mochi is turning 4 months in 10 days. Not...
  2. MochiTheBunny

    Litter training my cute bunny

    Hello, I am new to the bunny community and is in the process of litter training my adorable bunny, name Mochi. I currently have a litter tray with a pee pad, litter, and hay in a small corner of my house. Mochi is currently enclosed in the corner until he is fully litter trained. I do let him...
  3. MochiTheBunny

    How can I know if my bunny is a dwarf?

    Hello, I recently bought a bunny and I am new to the bunny community. I am having a hard time identifying the breed of my bunny. He is 8 weeks old and weighs 230g. I was told that he was a dwarf, but did not specify what kind of dwarf. Please help me and feel free to give any tips on how to...