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  1. majorv

    Momma only had one surviving kit

    If it’s been less than a week or so since they were born then you shouldn’t have a problem fostering. Are you concerned the dwarf might not take care of it?
  2. majorv

    Can a rabbit's tail be dislocated?

    If the tail was broken you’ll know, after it heals, by running your fingers along the tail from the base to the tip...you’ll feel a small knot somewhere along what should be a smooth tailbone.
  3. majorv

    Deaf Bunnies??

    We raised BEW polish and, other than being a little more high strung, they acted & reacted no different from our other rabbits.
  4. majorv

    Where do you keep your hay?

    I’m in Texas also and we didn’t have a problem keeping the hay in a big plastic patio bin that sat under a tree in our backyard. We kept it off the ground and it already had holes in the bottom corners for air. It was big enough to hold one square bale. We went through a bale about every 5-6 months.
  5. majorv

    Need help with crusty, swollen nose

    If you can take him to a vet that would be the best option. You can get Pen G at a feed store, but it must be injected, dosage based on weight, and giving it without knowing what he has may not be your best option.
  6. majorv

    Californian Doe going on 32 days pregnant

    By putting the doe in with a buck it can stimulate her hormones and possibly trigger labor. Don’t allow the buck to mount. She won’t need to be in there too long...just keep him from mounting her.
  7. majorv

    Help - Separating kits from mother rabbit

    I agree that 9-10 weeks is a good time to separate mom from the kits. The two boys can be kept together for a little longer to ease the transition, before separating them.
  8. majorv

    Switching to 100% Organic Pellets!

    maybe I missed it, but how many rabbits do you currently have and do you plan to enlarge later? For intact rabbits used for breeding and/or showing there is nothing wrong with an alfalfa based pellet. If you aren’t on a budget then go for what you think is the best. Many breeders can’t afford...
  9. majorv

    Californian Doe going on 32 days pregnant

    I’ve had does that fooled us before because they did everything but had kits. That being said, have you tried gently palpating? You could try a few things to encourage labor...giving a chewable tums, getting her to run around, putting her with a buck (though don’t allow them to mate). Last step...
  10. majorv

    at what age should baby bunnies be introduced to grass

    Not sure why you duplicated this question in your other thread, but I wouldn’t let them eat yard grass this young. Hay is much better right now. Junior pellets (alfalfa based) would be okay at 3 weeks but start them on it in very small amounts and very slowly work up to more.
  11. majorv

    I need help deciding if these pellets are good for a 6-week-old rabbit.

    The protein, fat and fiber look about right. It is alfalfa based which is fine. I don’t see corn as an ingredient but I see cane molasses (sugar). If you are changing this. bunny’s diet then go real slow on starting it on a new feed. Youngsters are very susceptible to gut issues with sudden...
  12. majorv

    Do i need a vet

    White snot is not allergies. If you don’t take her then watch her closely. If it gets worse or she starts having trouble breathing you need to get to a vet.
  13. majorv

    First litter

    First litters don’t always go well. Give her another chance.
  14. majorv

    best hay brand

    If you go to a farm or feed store make sure to ask for horse quality hay.
  15. majorv

    E.cuniculi medication tips (syringe)

    I agree with Blue eyes. We found the easiest way is to put the syringe in from the side, behind the teeth.
  16. majorv

    New angora rabbit- advice please!

    You might want to feed them separately since 18% protein is pretty high for a neutered non wool rabbit. Since rabbits can groom each other you’ll need to be more diligent about keeping them both brushed. You can give the Papaya tablets to both rabbits. We had non wool rabbits and gave them to...
  17. majorv

    Smaller buck with larger doe?

    Yes, but as was said you should make a new post rather than adding to an old one.
  18. majorv


    Actually, I don’t know of any breeders who microchip. If you were selling for pet you could, but once the person buys the rabbit and they update the contact information through the tracking organization you would not normally be notified, so not sure it would help you. As far as I know you would...
  19. majorv

    Sexing 8 week old

    No, I meant what I said. I agree with SableSteel
  20. majorv

    Deworming / Breeding Preparations

    We didn’t regularly deworm our rabbits but I would use Safeguard liquid for goats. It’s easily tolerated by rabbits and a good general dewormer. As far as breeding, after a hot summer we found that heat temporarily lowers the sperm count in males. If your summers are in the upper 80’s-90’s you...