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    Should I have 3 small litter boxes or 1 big one?

    I'm currently still liter training two of my 3 rabbits, and I feel like maybe if they all had their own litter box it would go easier? Should I use a big long one, like one of those clear shallow bins, or have them all 3 have their own? The one was litter trained almost instantly, these other...
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    Help liter training?

    I recently adopted a 3rd bunny, and while the bonding is finally finished with all 3 of them, now I cant figure out how to liter train them. My first bunny I adopted from a humane society at 10 weeks old, maybe she was already trained cause she wasnt hard at all. The other two on the other hand...
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    Can i take the cone off my bunny?

    Currently laying with my (who I thought was a boy but turned out to be a girl for the last 5 months) bunny blake. She got fixed about 2 weeks ago but they put a cone on her. Basically theres a cone because she opened her stitches and they had to put staples. I have to go back in a few days to...
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    Can you introduce 2 bonded rabbits to another rabbit?

    I have been looking for another rabbit to start bonding with my current one, and this pair of baby bunnies online are being sold and I dont want to adopt one and leave the other one alone. So if I got both, could rabbits be bonded as close in trios just as well as duos? They're free roam so I...
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    My rabbit WILL NOT let me sleep

    Okay so my rabbits name is Blake. Named him after a musician I love. Anyways he will not let me sleep. He's a free roamed rabbit and I love him to death, but I cannot find anything else about this online, all of the threads I see have to do with rabbits being IN a cage. So for some...