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  1. Jackelope

    Warrenz (Wild Rabbit RPG)

    Warrenz.net Warrenz is an online, multiplayer RPG featuring wild rabbits. Play as a group of rabbits exploring outside your home, leveling up, and facing off against other rabbits and predators. Warrenz was recently launched. New features are being added. Characterization Each rabbit has...
  2. Jackelope

    Leporidae Online Game

    Leporidae.org A free online multiplayer game that lets you raise your own rabbits and compete with others! Features include: Leporidae has all US recognized breeds plus more, making a total of 60+ breeds. Our art team spent 5 years adding them all, we did not cut corners. Leporidae...
  3. Jackelope

    Rabbit Breeding Game Beta Art

    Hello everyone! I've been working on some images of rabbits that can be easily recolored, possibly for a breeding game. Here are some previews and a few questions if you'd like to give me some feedback! (much appreciated) 1. Do you think I should make real breed bases, or should this comprise...
  4. Jackelope

    The Angora Sisters & Others

    This blog will focus on my two girls, Layla and Whisp. They're English Angora sisters who were handraised and are about a year old now. A couple other bunnies will also be in this blog because my roommate has buns too, and we dabble in showing and quality breeding sometimes (I used to have a...
  5. Jackelope

    Angora problems, need advice.

    Sorry to make two threads. I just got two REW English Angora does (sisters who were handraised because their mom didn't feed them) who are a year old. There's been having problems ever since I got them. I've had English Angoras in the past, but never had any of these issues. When I got them...
  6. Jackelope

    Trancing rabbits is cruel?

    I posted a picture of my Flemish Giant bunny laying on her back a long time ago, and recently received a comment from someone who asked me not to turn my rabbits upside down like that, telling me about a state called "Tonic Immobility" in rabbits. I read up on it further and found a few articles...
  7. Jackelope

    Post here for digital art of your bunny! ** Submissions Closed **

    Hello! I'm Jackelope and I have a passion for drawing rabbits! Normally I charge for my artwork because I put many hours of work into it, but I don't have any money to support the forum right now, so these are free! Would you like me to draw your bunny? Post photos here and any information you...
  8. Jackelope

    Is this wrong?

    Looking for opinions on whether breeding this rabbit would be a problem. I have a friend with a mix breed rabbit named Pasha. She's a beautiful frosted pearl Holland Lop cross. Very friendly. I raised show rabbits for several years, though I'm not doing it anymore, and my friend wants to...
  9. Jackelope

    Question about orange Mini Rex.

    In the United States, the ARBA recognized Mini Rexes in the Red variety, but in the UK, the British Rabbit Council recognizes the Orange variety. Correct me if I'm wrong. Would anyone happen to know if there's any difference between these two varieties? I've looked at pictures, and all the...