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  1. Lauren Kiernan

    In a predicament: Can I leave my bunny home for three days?

    Glad you have a bunny sitter. We have had success with setting our bun up for a max of 3 nights of water and hay with an auto pellet feeder. We have a bunny cam( ezviz is not too expensive on amazon) in the room to check on him and a house key with someone in case he needs a human. But best...
  2. Lauren Kiernan

    How much Hay would a dwarf rabbit go through in a month?

    Does it stay fresh? I always worry about it staying around too long as I have only 1 bunny. He is very spoiled.
  3. Lauren Kiernan

    How much Hay would a dwarf rabbit go through in a month?

    I am in CT. I have a 5pd Holland lop. I buy 12pd of 2nd cut Timothy hay from small pet select via Amazon. Lasts about 2 months. $29
  4. Lauren Kiernan

    Holland Lop or Mini Lop?

    Holland lops can be True dwarves or false dwarves. The true dwarves have flatter faces shorter ears and generally do not weigh more than 4 pounds. The false dwarves which are still Holland lops tend to have narrower faces and longer ears. They usually weigh 4 -5.5 pds. full grown . Our HL is...
  5. Lauren Kiernan

    really small droppings and won’t eat breakfast

    Not cheap but seem to work. They carry them on Amazon
  6. Lauren Kiernan

    Bun staying overnight after spay

    That's awesome that the vet is following up right away ! Hope she is just tired from her ordeal and perks up
  7. Lauren Kiernan

    really small droppings and won’t eat breakfast

    Mine loves the Sherwood brand digestive support tablets. We offer them as treats during molting or any time I see signs of less poop activity.
  8. Lauren Kiernan

    3 month old keeps chewing baseboards

    When our rabbit was young we blocked tasty areas with cardboard or metal grid nic panels that I zip tied together and we would distract with an apple stick so he would have an appropriate chew. Eventually he stopped bothering the trim. We only have a couple nibbled spots ( don't tell my...
  9. Lauren Kiernan

    Some questions....

    We have them and Charlie loves when I sprinkle pellets in them. He flings them in an effort to get the treats. So cheap too.
  10. Lauren Kiernan

    Behaviour: how to grow mutual trust?

    Hang in there Catlyn. I'm sure he'll come around to like you in time. You are a great bun mom. Just like children, all animals have their own personalities. I'm so sorry to hear about your other rabbit. I know from seeing your posts that you did all you could for him. * hugs
  11. Lauren Kiernan

    Acting weird!

    Basically he's in love with you.
  12. Lauren Kiernan

    Sleep well my bossy queen

    Sorry for your loss.
  13. Lauren Kiernan

    Mini lop Breeders in Connecticut

    We got out Holland lop from Huntington Hoppers in Shelton CT. They have a facebook site and website. They also breed Netherlands. Our rabbit is a Holland lop false dwarf about 5pd. Very healthy.
  14. Lauren Kiernan

    I don't know how to save my rabbit

    I would go back to the vet
  15. Lauren Kiernan

    Help please

    So cute!
  16. Lauren Kiernan

    New bunny with soft poop

    We had similar situation with our Holland lop when he was a baby. It was his cecos. Sometimes he just didn't eat them and they smushed as he was too busy exploring. It decreased as he got older. He had baby rabbit ox bow pellets about 1/4 cup per day and Timothy hay as the baby Oxbow has...
  17. Lauren Kiernan

    Help! Rex/holland lop mix :)

    Best of both worlds; straight and lopped. What a cutie.
  18. Lauren Kiernan

    Hay and Treats

    I buy hay on Amazon from Small Pet Select. A 12pd box of 2nd cut Timothy hay costs about $29 and lasts my 5pd Holland lop around 2.5 months. I get treats through Binxbox bunny when not using tiny pieces of fresh fruit or some oats
  19. Lauren Kiernan

    My Doe died today

    So sorry to hear this. You made an amazing effort to help them survive.
  20. Lauren Kiernan

    My Doe died today

    They are so cute. I hope they continue to thrive.