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  1. Milyvan

    Eye Rinse/Cleansing Pads Recommendations

    Appreciate it but sadly it keeps saying "Page Not Found". Would you post the name/description, please? (Did go to Amazon.com's error page though.)
  2. Milyvan

    Eye Rinse/Cleansing Pads Recommendations

    Thank you very much JBun! I'll remember the advice. No corneal problems or bacterial infections. I've not seen the discharge, just noticed the fur in the inner corner being damp and clumping so I'd say it's clear. No cloudiness, white spots, redness or inflammation. Here's a pic that...
  3. Milyvan

    11yr old bunny with overgrown tumor...

    I've no idea really but wondering if the vet would be willing to remove enough to allow Buck to move around or if that would only prolong the issue. Either way you have our empathy and prayers.
  4. Milyvan

    Eye health

    Thank you for this! I started a thread which hasn't received a response because 1 of our little lions has matted fur in front of her left eye. Vet said to use an eye rinse (no dental issues thankfully) but when I went shopping for them I've no clue what to avoid or what is good. (Some contain...
  5. Milyvan

    Should I stop feeding my bunny vegetables? - I'm worried about her droppings

    Also, Small Pet Select has all types of hay and it comes sooo fresh you can smell it. They're not too expensive and if you sign up for their "weekly cuties" e-mail there's always a free shipping code for orders under $40. You also get points with every order -and they add up fairly quickly-...
  6. Milyvan

    I will pick up my new rabbit in two weeks

    Gorgeous! "She boinked me twice to get a small pet on the head." <3 Have to admit my jealousy: Our girls are so bonded they don't care for other bunnies. (They don't harm them, just ignore them. And they're always lounged as if they're 1 entity.) Hope she's a blessing for you and your...
  7. Milyvan

    Bunny chat

    So many beautiful bunnies! I'm Cosmo and my mom loves this site but I didn't know I could talk to other buns until just now. (She stepped away for a hooman snack.) I live free roam in our pawrents room with my sister Tilky and 2 furry guys who don't have long ears and don't hop but like...
  8. Milyvan

    Eye Rinse/Cleansing Pads Recommendations

    Our beloved Cosmo has been getting irritation in her left eye frequently and while it's not affecting her vision according to the vet he recommended cleaning it. (It does chunk up her lionhead mane.) I was fine with this knowledge until I realized there was such a variety of types. One for...
  9. Milyvan

    Is my bunny revengeful?...

    Agree with Diane R. as our buns are generally very laid back but when they do get upset they let us know immediately.....not "save it for later". (Also, if amends are called for we make those immediately as well.....usually a good petting or a few craisins or dandelion loops and all is...
  10. Milyvan

    Bunny Contest! - 'Rabbits outdoors' - Win a Prize!

    CB You may not qualify to enter but you're still awesome! (I've never heard our buns cluck so maybe you could teach them? :p)
  11. Milyvan

    Spanish Moss

    I did thank you and this article is excellent! :cool::)
  12. Milyvan

    Spanish Moss

    Glad yours is fine and appreciate the info!
  13. Milyvan

    What does it mean when a rabbit licks you?

    LOL The infamous foot flick. We don't see it often but when we do we know we've been "bad". (Usually get it after nail trims.)
  14. Milyvan

    Bunny Contest! - 'Rabbits outdoors' - Win a Prize!

    Well my buns won't refund the papaya. :p
  15. Milyvan

    Bunny Contest! - 'Rabbits outdoors' - Win a Prize!

    Awesome idea! No flowers outside, though. Used some papaya as "bait" with some fake flowers I had: Hope it's acceptable. Regardless: Ears to a hoppy easter everybun!
  16. Milyvan

    What does it mean when a rabbit licks you?

    Bunnies don't need salt licks. (Neither do cavies. That's just advertisers trying to sell you stuff.) Bunny grooming (licking) you is a very high sign of affection. http://language.rabbitspeak.com/
  17. Milyvan

    Is my bunny depressed?

    Our Cosmo is very laid back: Food, the occasional treat and simply lounging are her idea of a great day. Tilky is the affectionate binkying bun. They've been this way for years. Others' suggestions of cardboard boxes and paper bags work well for us but Cosmo mostly observes. (We wasted lots...
  18. Milyvan

    Rabbit un potty trained himself and poops everywhere

    Ours use their boxes to pee but have always just left their droppings. (They're free roam with us in the bedroom where we spend 90% of our time.) We sweep a few times a day and drop it in a tub for our trees and our plants (which are very healthy lol). They feed the kale and the kale feeds...
  19. Milyvan

    Spanish Moss

    Good to know and thank you very, very much! :cool: