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  1. Sweets


    I give Sweets celery leaf, pak choy, choy sum, parsley, basil and sometimes he enjoys a bit of mint! Also he gets a slice of carrot in the morning....he pretty much gets breakfast, an afternoon snack, dinner and more dinner before I go to bed :D he loves his foods lol
  2. Sweets

    Keeping Bunnies Cool In Summer?

    Putting wet towels on the outside of his cage might make it cooler with the fan blowing air on the towels. we used to do that for our rats, guinea pigs, birds and bunny before we got air-conditioning. Also I read that you can wet their ears a bit to help them stay cool, my bunny doesn't like...
  3. Sweets

    Tell Me Your 3 Favorite Books

    Watership down (my favourite book) The hunger games series The enemy series - Charlie Higson :)
  4. Sweets

    Are the seeds on hay ok for bunnies to eat?

    hello :) you know the hay seeds that are joined to some pieces of hay? Are they ok for bunnies to eat?? I've always been paranoid that if I let Sweets eat them he'll choke or get them stuck in his teeth....but today I put the bag of hay in my room and he jumped into it and started eating all...
  5. Sweets

    tips on catching a bunny?

    Does your bunny have a favourite snack? Maybe if you just sit in the room and wait for him to come to you, you could give him a treat. It might be easier to pick him up if he knows he'll get something nice to eat...a little piece of pear is my bunny's favourite treat! :) Maybe if you pick...
  6. Sweets

    Excessive Cage Biting

    my rabbit chews on his cage in the early mornings sometimes & it's so annoying lol!! He has plenty of exercise because he free-ranges in my room all day. I guess he's just trying to wake me up. What I do is put a pillowcase up on the part of the cage he's chewing on and then in a week he'll...
  7. Sweets


    Cute bunny names!!! :) I'm not 100% sure but I would think mounting is a dominance thing, if they're both sterilized.
  8. Sweets

    Sweets is always hungry....

    thanks :) I know he needs hay but I just want to take it away for the night at least while I can't watch him. He should be ok for a day or two right? I'm buying him more greens tomorrow so he'll have plenty to eat. I want to get him the oxbow hay cubes but I have to buy it online because I...
  9. Sweets

    Sweets is always hungry....

    I want him to drink from a bottle but he just won't do it. I think I'll have to try harder to get him to though. lol flicking water at you! silly bunny :P he's been eating hay today for the first time in a couple of days and he just had a crazy sneezing attack :( So maybe he is allergic to...
  10. Sweets

    Sweets is always hungry....

    ah i posted my reply twice and don't now how to delete it sorry....this is the edited can ignore it ;)
  11. Sweets

    Sweets is always hungry....

    Thanks for the replies guys, sorry it's taken me so long to write back. Ok so I'm giving sweets only 2 or 3 slices of carrot a day now and pellets in the morning & night and his excess cecals have stopped. I took him to the vet on sunday because he's had a runny nose for about a...
  12. Sweets

    Feel bad.. :(

    I cut my bunnies front nails while he's sitting down....I sit on the floor and put his front feet on my lap, then I just talk to him and tickle him and cut one nail at a time. :)
  13. Sweets

    Attacking the pillow

    Maybe you could get her her own pillow to dig on and put it near your bed or something like that. If I put a pillow on the floor my bunny, Sweets, loves to dig at it aswell :) Does Q-tip sleep on your bed at night?
  14. Sweets

    Bowl of water or bottle?

    I use a bowl for Sweets water :) He just won't use a bottle! It can be a bit messy when he goes crazy & runs into it, lol. Also I have to change it alot now that he's moulting because it gets hairs in it.
  15. Sweets

    Sweets is always hungry....

    hey bunny peoples :) My bunny Sweets is turning 3 in July and at the moment he's moulting. He weighs 2.4kilograms. I've stopped giving him as much pellets as normal because they make him have really horrible poos...since I've given him less pellets his poo is back to normal healthy ones...
  16. Sweets

    Nail trimming

    If I wanna cut my bunny's back nails I normally sit with him until he dead bunny flops, or just lies on his side. Then I stroke/tickle him like crazy, hold him down a bit & cut a nail. If he's good I tell him how well behaved he was etc... and give him a little treat. I do it over a couple of...
  17. Sweets

    your favorite photo

    My beautiful boy, Sweets, relaxing in the sun. :D I love him so much!
  18. Sweets

    Washer Bunnies!

    Sweets cleaning his face in his litter tray. aww I love him so much!! :hearts
  19. Sweets

    Photo Phile Contest: Hoppy Holidays 2010!

    This is Sweets the bunny's christmas picture :)
  20. Sweets

    Before and After

    Sweets when I first got him...about 9 weeks old... Sweets now, about 15months old. He's changed alot & his fur has gotten alot darker =D I love him so much hehe.
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