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  1. BunnyMommy

    Slightly OT: Greetings!

    Thank you all for the warm and graciousgreetings! I'm happy to be back. Come the first ofthe year I'll have more time again to spend on the board.I've missed you all so much! There are no people like bunnypeople and you know I missed my precious bunny babies. Sherman is just as bossy as ever...
  2. BunnyMommy

    Slightly OT: Greetings!

    Hi guys! I just popped in to sayhello. I thought that the site no longer existed because Icouldn't access it from the old URL. I miss youalland am happy to read that so many of my precious baby bunnies are doingwell. The King sends his most regal regards. There are so many new names and...
  3. BunnyMommy

    A Gift for Sebastian's Little Girl With Love from her Forum Family

    Oh, my sweet precious little baby!!!!! Thank you, Carolyn, for making me aware of this thread. I'm going to sneak offline from work right now for just a minute and make a donation. SLG, His Majesty the King sends his most humble concerns and well wishes. Love, BunnyMommy P.S. My...
  4. BunnyMommy

    What do you do when you go on holiday?

    I'm late replying to this thread, but next timeyou have the need for a bunnysitter try your local House RabbitSociety. They have volunteers specially trained to work withbuns who might be willing to take care of your baby and give him/herall of the love, care, and attention that he/she needs...
  5. BunnyMommy

    Night of the Lepus

    An interesting coincidence ... When the moversset up my big screen TV in the living room and hooked up all of thegadgets, i.e. VCR, DVD player, etc., I went downstaris to find that the"Night of the Lepus" tape that Buck and Helen sent me was in theVCR! I've left it there ever since and plan to...
  6. BunnyMommy

    Moment of Silence Today

    Just taking a moment today to turn my thoughts in Buck's direction ...
  7. BunnyMommy

    Buck Jones Died

    I still can't come here and see Buck's photo insome of your avatars without a pang. It's amazing how oneperson that I never even met has impacted my life somuch. The board just isn't the same without him. Hewill always be remembered here. I'm glad to read that you're still holding strong...
  8. BunnyMommy

    Kiara's Picture Thread

    What a perfect little sweetie pie! ... :D
  9. BunnyMommy

    My grandmother passed away today

    Oh Stephanie! So sorry to readthis. Just know that Sherman and I are sending prayers andpositive thoughts your way. Be strong. You can get through this. * hug * --BunnyMommy
  10. BunnyMommy

    How do I clean a burlap bag?

    Thanks so much, guys! I'm going to use a combination of your suggestions!!!! Watch out for future stories of bunnitude. You KNOW that he'snot going to be happy with a CLEAN bag! LOL! ... :D
  11. BunnyMommy

    Kiara's Picture Thread

    MyBunnyBoys wrote: Bunnynappers of the board ... ARISE!!!!!......
  12. BunnyMommy

    How do I clean a burlap bag?

    Sherman has a burlap bag on the bottom of hiscage that he simply loves. He uses it as a bed, a pillow, achair, a toy, whatever his heart desires....I need to clean the thing. It's full of bunny hairand"poop stains" for lack ofamoredelicate description. I don't see putting it inmy washing...
  13. BunnyMommy

    Kiara's Picture Thread

    Hi MBB. Congrats on the new baby! She's a real cutie pie! I'm glad to see that my boys are still doing well. They're just as handsome as ever! ... :)
  14. BunnyMommy

    Sebastian And His Little Girl's Home Thread

    Hi, SLG! I heard that you haven't beenfeeling well and His Majesty King Sherman DEMANDED that I drop whateverI was doing and come here express his most royal concerns for yourhealth (he also gave me permission to express my best wishes......only AFTER I expressed his of course). I hope that...
  15. BunnyMommy

    God I miss her!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, my goodness, Lissa! I HAD NO IDEA!!!!! My poor darling Lenci!!!!!! My heart goes out to you. Just know that God makes nomistakes. One day when you've had time to heal He'll fillyour heart again. Just know that I care. Luv, BunnyMommy
  16. BunnyMommy


    You all are really the sweetest, most wonderfulpeople. I'm so sorry that I haven't had the time to visit asof late and also as Carolyn told you, Buck's death really hit mehard. It gives me somewhat of a twinge to comehereknowing that I won't be greeted by his wisdom,graciousness, and knowledge...
  17. BunnyMommy

    Buck Jones Died

    I'm still in shock from having received thisnews late this evening.I'm truly at a loss forwords. What an honor and a privilege it has been to bask inthe wisdom and the knowledge of this great man. My heart goes out to both his family and our own dear Carolyn with whom he was so close. Rest...
  18. BunnyMommy

    Prayers Needed

    Checking in again to see how our Pernod is doing ...
  19. BunnyMommy

    Prayers Needed

    Many, many, MANY thanks to Carolyn for bringing my attention to this thread!!!! Jan, I'm so sorry. I haven't been able to visit the boardregularly in some time, so I was not aware of what was going on with mysweet, precious Pernod. I was holding my breath as I wasreading through the posts and I...
  20. BunnyMommy

    Flemish Fever Pictures

    :shock::shock:Good GRAVY!!! ... This isa BIG BUNNY!!! ... :shock::shock:...