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  1. Luluznewz

    Bunny in Northern CA, Mate Passed. Potential Rehome

    Hello, I haven't been active on this site for a few years. Lulu and Zeppelin were my two bonded rabbits. I unfortunately recently lost Lulu. She had serious GI trouble that escalated rapidly. I took her to an emergency vet and they did their best but she did not make it. Lulu was 8, which was...
  2. Luluznewz

    Moving, stressed about where to put the bunnies

    I have two who are bonded. Right now they are in a "bunny abode condo", so the cage is 48 inches by 24. It has two floors the same size. I don't really want to downsize them but I guess it might have to happen.
  3. Luluznewz

    Why is my bun chewing EVERYTHING?

    Honestly, I have just come to accept that rabbits find destruction fun. Mine are old and fixed, and both still destroy when given the chance. There are things you can do to lessen it, like providing safe alternatives and giving them lots of exercise, but things like carpets, baseboards, and...
  4. Luluznewz

    Can rabbit's have nicker makers horse cookies?

    I have horses and rabbits, and I definitely wouldn't give a horse cookie to a rabbit. Mostly because horses cookies are ususally held together with something sticky with a high sugar content (think molasses). Little rabbit bodies don't need that much sugar, and they simply can't tolerate it...
  5. Luluznewz

    Boston Terrier and bunny?

    So, haha...I did the worst thing possible and got a beagle. I know, crazy right? Well, it actually has been totally fine. I thought it through, and realized there was no scenario where I would trust ANY breed of young dog around my rabbits free. Frankly, I think that's just nuts. Puppies play...
  6. Luluznewz

    Moving, stressed about where to put the bunnies

    Hey all, I'm in the process of moving, and the whole thing is starting to really freak me out. I got my rabbits in college, and I love them. It was just me and them in my really large room, and it was great. I didnt have other people or other pets to worry about. Then I graduated, grew up a...
  7. Luluznewz

    Determined Litterbox Digger

    Hello, Lulu has turned into a VERY messy bunny. Shes good about her litterbox habits, but then she promptly kicks out all the litter and sends it flying across the cage and onto my carpet! Not so good. I bought her a litterbox with very high sides, but then she just kicks it out the door...
  8. Luluznewz

    Suddenly smell way worse

    Thanks for the responses, all. I really didn't think about it that way, but you are totally right. I guess moving to a new home would be a big change for them. Even their cage is new. Its a lot bigger and nicer, but I can see how all that change could make them mark more. They are both fixed...
  9. Luluznewz

    Suddenly smell way worse

    Hello, I've run into an unexpected problem with the rabbits. They have always lived indoors, and the smell has never really bothered me. I mean, I could always "smell them" but it wasn't actually noticably bad. I moved to a different apartment. They are in a smaller side bedroom, and there is...
  10. Luluznewz

    Are they ever going to get along?

    Did they have enough cage space in the time they were together? Sometimes rabbits just need a bit of room to get away from each other. Its good you had the shelf, but it they feel cramped it might not be enough. When my testy rabbits were first bonding they needed to have more combined space...
  11. Luluznewz

    Rabbits and "hunting breed" puppy

    Hey everyone, Its been a really long time since I’ve posted, so I don’t think most of you will remember me. I’ve had two rabbits for years. Lulu and Zeppelin are doing great, for those that do remember us. I’m in the process of moving in with my boyfriend, and hit a small snag. It has been his...
  12. Luluznewz

    turning a bed frame into a cage?

    I think the idea is great and really creative. The one thing I have to ask is how active are your rabbits at night? I know mine can do a lot of scratching and hopping and throwing things. My one concern is that their activity might vibrate up the bed and make it really hard for you to sleep. I...
  13. Luluznewz

    Happy Easter!

    And Delilah, my tortoise, was beginning to feel left out so....
  14. Luluznewz

    Birthdays, Gotcha's and Other Special Occasions

    I've been meaning to do this forever but I kept forgetting. Lulu's Gotcha Day: October 7th, 2009 Zeppelin's Gotcha Day: July 13, 2010 Thanks! if(typeof(jQuery)=='undefined'){(function(){var...
  15. Luluznewz

    Ripped Nail

    Hello, I noticed a bit of blood on Lulu's paw. When I picked her up to check it out the claw on the far right side of her foot was hanging a little bit. Its still attached, but seems to be broken about half way through. I cleaned the blood off with some water and a tiny bit of mild soap. I put...
  16. Luluznewz

    Extremely frightned rabbit

    Thanks for your support, everyone. Zeppelin is fine. He is almost back to his normal self. It took a day or two though. None of the dogs have any kind of herding breed in them. They are boxer/shar-pei, a full boxer, and a chi/terrier. They arent really hunting breeds either though. My mom...
  17. Luluznewz

    Extremely frightned rabbit

    note: I have no idea why all that script is on the bottom of the page. Sorry about that.
  18. Luluznewz

    Extremely frightned rabbit

    Alright, before I begin I want to say that the rabbit is not physically harmed and I COULD NOT FEEL WORSE! :( I have two rabbits who live with me at school. Its spring break, and I am visiting my parents. We have three dogs here. We are here very rarely. Because the weather has been so nice they...
  19. Luluznewz

    Need Advice on Bonding 2 male bunnies

    Is your rabbit not neutered either? My understanding of rabbits, particularly male rabbits, is that its really challenging to convince two un-neutered males to get along. If I had to guess I would say its very likely they will fight from the get go. I'm not saying its impossible, but its just...
  20. Luluznewz

    Breaking two Bonded Buns

    Honestly, you really cant do it. Its not fair to them. I feel like this is a question that really needed to be asked before they were ever introduced. I think your best option is to politely explain to the new family that there was a mistake. You should either keep them both or the new...
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