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    Teeth trimming

    I am not personally experienced with trimming teeth myself, but I know that many people advise against trimming the front teeth yourself, especially with nail clippers or other types of clippers. I am sure the likelihood of bad outcomes is dependent on skill, but generally speaking, clipping...
  2. J

    Scabs & bald patches

    I would advise taking her to a rabbit-experienced vet and assess for possible skin conditions. Aside from mites, fungal infections like ringworm are a possibility. Even though her brother may not have it, it's possible her immune system is not strong for a variety of reasons (ex. perhaps there...
  3. J

    Is hair loss normal in the shedding process?

    One of my rabbits molts to the point where during grooming, there are patches of skin shown on the head most commonly. If the skin looks healthy, it may just be a normal part of molting. Fur on the face goes through shedding as well!
  4. J

    High lymphocyte count in bunny

    Lymphocytes are white blood cells, so an increase is typically a sign that the immune system is defending against something. My rabbit had asymptomatic (dormant; no outward symptoms) syphilis that turned symptomatic when stressed by something else, so we did a blood test and he did have high...
  5. J

    Reglan and Teeth Issues?

    As someone previously mentioned, it's definitely best not to try anything on your own with teeth. Filing or trying to clip them on your own is more likely to cause more harm than good. Someone mentioned the teeth pulled, but that's typically a last resort-- there are many rabbits with imperfect...
  6. J

    Fungal Dermatitis Treatment

    As I alluded to, the ringworm and syphilis blended together for my rabbit, so I'm unsure. I will say that the syphilis seem to come and go on it's own and the topical treatment did treat the scabbing and help it heal. Scabs are still scabs, so anything that can help them heal, regardless if...
  7. J

    Fungal Dermatitis Treatment

    Was there any discussion of running a test for syphilis? While syphilis mainly shows symptoms around the face and genitalia, there's an increase in cases that only show face symptoms. My rabbit is one who only showed symptoms at the mouth. Coincidentally, we discovered it after treating some...
  8. J

    Antifungal not working

    Ringworm is notoriously difficult to treat. You will need to thoroughly clean your rabbit's environment and the general environment. I went through a lot with my rabbit with ringworm, which can be found here:
  9. J

    Litter training or territorial?

    Rabbits have a huge desire for peeing and pooping on soft things. Its more unusual for them not to, but you may hear people saying it because we tend to be more vocal when our pets are the minority and do something surprising! It's something that can be difficult to deter because it's pretty...
  10. J

    White Spot on Rabbit’s Eye?

    Just to entertain the possibility that the white spot is separate from the eye crust/drainage, I will say it's possible it may be a leftover mark from a hay poke or something and may not cause issue for the future, depending on the specific case. One of my rabbits actually has a small white dot...
  11. J

    Bald spots near mouth and chin?

    Incisors are the four teeth you can see I believe. So the two top and two bottoms. Regardless of the reason for the moisture, it seems wise to find a way to reduce it. I think a vet exam to see the teeth is a great first step. While he's eating, which is great, this doesn't rule out that his...
  12. J

    Bonding - 1 bun wants it , 1 bun doesn't - At wits end.

    Have you tried doing only veggie dates for a while? Its important for more difficult pairs to "rack up" as many neutral/positive interactions as possible, in my opinion, even if that means 5 minute food dates twice a day for a while. Mixing in negative interactions may tamper it. It's...
  13. J

    Rabbit pee hurts?

    If your rabbit is peeing blood, she does need to see a vet. Like humans, it is not healthy to pee blood and a professional, rabbit vet needs to help. Some rabbit pee can be very very orange, looking like red, so that's something to keep in mind. That being said, if you recently got her, it...
  14. J

    Skinny bunny

    I believe underlying liver, GI, or cardiovascular conditions may hinder weight gain. If you find that even with high food consumption of more dense foods is not doing it, I'd strongly suggest having her checked by a vet.... also because you dont want her to need to be on such a dense diet for a...
  15. J


    Hay is the healthiest of foods for rabbits, and like many children, it sometimes means it's not their first choice to eat. If he is being offered/has access to pellets and veggies frequently throughout the day, it can drastically reduce how often he eats hay. While we can't read rabbit minds...
  16. J

    Attempting to bond rabbits but one seems to only want to fight

    While it can be frustrating and disheartening, sometimes it's good to go at a slower pace. It sounds like you're taking positive signs as a signal to move forward a little bit, but it can be good to stay where you're at. I find bonding is sometimes achieving the off-balance of positives and...
  17. J

    I'm really confused?

    Does the gurgling happen to occur recently after he drinks water? This doesn't occur in both my rabbits, but for one, she has audible stomach gurgles from water.
  18. J

    Blisters on Rabbits mouth?

    There are growing cases of rabbit syphilis with only facial symptoms, so I'd also recommend doing a blood test for syphilis. That looks similar to the texture my rabbit had around his mouth corners, and he had syphilis! Syphilis sounds intimidating, but it is curable.
  19. J

    Culture Help- Please

    I'm not a vet, and I would hope that the choice to use doxycycline was somehow informed through the culture results you got. I see what appears to be sensitivity/resistance results for each of the organisms at the bottom of the results (?) maybe? Is this vet rabbit-experienced? If so, I would...
  20. J

    Culture Help- Please

    Also please do not duplicate your posts! It's most helpful for everyone to contribute in a singular thread.
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