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  1. Satrevino

    Bunny Photos-- Share Cute Bunny Photos

    My yoga rabbit
  2. Satrevino

    How to check for ear infection/best meds

    Hello, the vet said my holland lop rabbit has a minor ear infection and to give her the ear drops she gave me. I know its breed is more prone to getting ear infections than other breeds, so is there any way I could check her ears every week to see if she has an infection and buy the medicine...
  3. Satrevino

    Eye discharge

    Hello, I have a 1 year old holland lop for named Naera. She has had some eye issues, but not anything serious. Whenever I go to my other house, I bring her with me and her eyes start tearing when we get there, but it doesn’t seem to bother her. When I get to my normal house again they stop. I...
  4. Satrevino

    My rabbit ate rat poison

    Thanks for all y’all’s advice. She’s doing great and the rat poison had no negative effect on her that I saw.
  5. Satrevino

    My rabbit ate rat poison

    Does my rabbit need anything if she only ate half a pellet of rat poison?
  6. Satrevino

    Keeping rabbits warm in winter?

    You could consider getting a heat pad for them or just a small space heater for the room.
  7. Satrevino

    Do you brush your rabbits??

    I also only brush during the time they molt because they don't like it very much, but if I don't I will have fur everywhere.
  8. Satrevino

    Australian Woodstove pellets

    I think as long as it doesn’t have any additives it should be fine, whether it’s made of hardwood or a softer wood doesn’t matter. I have seen that softer woods are a bit more absorbing though.
  9. Satrevino

    Help in sexing my 5mo rabbit (pt 2)?

    Hello, I hope you and Hendrix and doing well. He looks like a boy to me.
  10. Satrevino

    Australian Woodstove pellets

    I also use wood stove pellets for my rabbits litter and when you search then up as “wood stove pellets”, your going to see pellets that are for burning and most likely have chemicals added to them. Have you tried searching up “pelleted bedding” instead? It’s the same thing pretty much, just...
  11. Satrevino

    What to have in an emergency kit

    Thank you so much! I hope I will never need the kit though.
  12. Satrevino

    What to have in an emergency kit

    Hello, I keep hearing so much of rabbits getting GI Stasis, so si would like to get an emergency kit for my bun just in case it happens. What things are essential to have in it?
  13. Satrevino

    Share your day :)

    Today my rabbit and I couldn’t go on a walk because of the RHDV2. Luckily my vet is importing the vaccine, but until she getS it we’re staying inside and being careful. We live in Texas and there’s an outbreak here. We just cuddled in bed a lot and we’re lazy since it’s my birthday. She also...
  14. Satrevino

    HELP- both buns have lost litter box training

    My rabbit was litter box trained, but all of a sudden she started pooping and peeing everywhere. After a visit to the vet, it turns out she had some bacteria in her stomach that affected her going to the bathroom. She got an injection to kill the bacteria and after that she was going in the...
  15. Satrevino

    Wet matted fur around one side of mouth

    My holland lop had wet fur around her mouth from the water bowl. It was being constantly wet and never drying so the fur eventually fell off. It grew back and I switched her to a water bottle instead, so it could also be the water bowl like other people mentioned.
  16. Satrevino

    Rabbit has eye problem, need help

    Hello, I just joined this website after such a long time of looking at advice from here. I have a 9 month old blue Holland Lop and she has one eye that started watering a couple days ago. It’s not sore, red or swollen, but it just waters a lot. She is acting, eating, pooping and peeing...