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  1. AVIE

    Breeding Mini Rex's

    Pictures! We need kit pictures!
  2. AVIE

    Barking-like noises

    That video is adorable... Some bun is a demanding lil poochie isn't he? Thumping and all. I'm sure your bun is just wanting attention too!
  3. AVIE

    Litter tray accident!

    I thought the litter-disruption culprit was the brown bunny... The way they are standing with bum to the box looks guilty.
  4. AVIE

    Best time to get spayed

    Please ask questions, I'm learning from all the answers too!
  5. AVIE

    Happy bunny life

    It looks like she's smiling there in that picture!
  6. AVIE

    Happy bunny life

    Yes! Two weeks I think!
  7. AVIE

    Happy bunny life

    Egyptian! Yes! I just love her! The three of them couldn't be more different!
  8. AVIE

    Spayed!! (pics)

    I'm glad to have come across this thread... Going to be going through the spay process here shortly and your updates...healing progress pictures are very informative. Thank you for sharing her journey.
  9. AVIE

    Happy bunny life

    THOSE EARS! I love her arch and lines, she gives me a kind of old world feeling (does that make sense?). She is gorgeous!
  10. AVIE

    I will pick up my new rabbit in two weeks

    Oh, I forgot, The beautiful Embla! as I posted that I remembered the Nordic mythology and felt silly.
  11. AVIE

    I will pick up my new rabbit in two weeks

    And her name?
  12. AVIE

    Welcome to the Rabbitry!

    Definitely more updates!
  13. AVIE

    I will pick up my new rabbit in two weeks

    Oh... She's gorgeous! I love those ears and the long lines. I can't wait to see. Take LOTS of pictures!
  14. AVIE

    I will pick up my new rabbit in two weeks

    All prepped for your adventure.... I'm so jealous
  15. AVIE

    New bunny won’t come out. RIP

    Immensely sorry for your loss. Sounds like that lil guy was very loved
  16. AVIE

    Thrianta anyone?

    She's already loved!
  17. AVIE

    Thrianta anyone?

    just for giggles... And this proves she's been well handled and loved; they sent her Halloween picture after her daughter dressed her up
  18. AVIE

    Thrianta anyone?

    Have just found my Bun, the breeder is going to hold her for me for 6 weeks till my leg is healed up enough to get outta this cast and actually be able to take care of her! YAY! Anyway, she's a Thrianta, a breed I'm not that familiar with. I fell in love with her pictures because like myself...
  19. AVIE

    Mom is annoying!

    everyone's path is different. No one will ever understand yours. I wonder if her having a psych degree and not being able to fix things make her feel a failure. She may feel she has to prove herself, and rather than listen she assumes she has it covered. It might even feel embarassing for...