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    The sand box!

    Here, you can post and start discussionsabout rabbits that are not covered by any other topic! For example:tell people about you and your bunny, share some experiences about youand your rabbit,or anything that isn't covered by any other topic onthis forum! That's why I made: "The sandbox!"
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    Every rabbit who passed away is in my heart.

    I've heard a lot of very sad passingstoday, and if anybody's rabbit has passed away, they are welcome tojoin me, Wishbone (332), in your moments of grief. Perhaps I can helpyou, and some of the other forum users can. I feel very sad for yourlosses, and thanks to the forum users and I, who can...
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    Beach Bunnies Experience!

    I want to ask youwhat the "BeachBunnies 2004" event felt like! Use as many descriptive words as youlike, and be as descriptive as you can be!Since I couldn't go there because of Mr.Cuddles' "problems", Mr.Cuddles and I want to find out as much as possible about Beach Bunnies 2004!!!
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    New bunny in the house!

    I'm planning to buy a new playmate forMr.Cuddles. What kind of rabbit would be the best for me? My needsare: 1. I need arabbit than can cope with being alone for long periods at atime. 2. I need arabbit that can be easily be trained. 3. I need arabbit that does not need much care. 4. I need...
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    My Rabbit is eating his feces!

    My rabbit, Mr.Cuddles, was sick tohis stomach yesterday. I took him to the vet, and he said Mr.Cuddleswas in need of surgery. I agreed, and today, the vet gave him back tome and said he was sick because some feces were digested byhim!!! Thevet gave him a pill, but he's still eating them today...