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    RHDV2 and Biosecurity

    Hi all. I've been reading about this nasty bug for a couple of months. It is present in wild rabbits here in AZ and it's got me thinking about it. Does anyone practice biosecurity? If so, what's your procedure? I'll go first: I have chickens and so had biosecurity measures in place well before...
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    Re-bonding with a former friend, how?

    I have a female rabbit, she's spayed, and she was previously housed with an unneutered male. They've been separated for a couple of months. As it turns out, he's in need of a home so I've agreed to take him and will have him neutered, calling today to make an appointment. Since they knew each...
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    Multiple rabbits, how many litter boxes?

    Hi all, I am bringing in a second bunny and I'm wondering how many litter boxes I'll need. If it makes any difference I have a male and a female and I'm planning to keep them in one pen. Thanks so much!
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    DIY hay box

    I couldn't find a hay rack or anything that would work well in Walts pen, and I'm not fond of him eating from his litter box. I tried this design with a cardboard box first and it worked great. The part that wasn't great was the flimsiness of the box. We used the same design but made a new box...
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    Re-bonding after separation?

    Hi all, I have a male bunny that was bonded with another male, they grew up together and neither is neutered. I'm currently working on getting my guy done and have agreed to take in the other guy provided he's neutered first. They've lived apart for about 6 weeks and I'm hoping we can have...
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    Phoenix, low cost neuter

    Hi all. Anyone in the Phoenix AZ area know of a low cost place to get a male rabbit neutered? I'm finding prices in the $300 to $400 range, can't do that.
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    Do you give your adult buns pellets?

    I've been reading about rabbit nutrition quite a bit and it seems there's two different schools of thought about pellets. On one hand it's said once the bun is an adult they don't need pellets if the bun gets enough hay and greens. On the other it's suggested to have the pellets available to...
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    Hop Tart and Friends

    I've been getting rabbit poop from my son for our garden and I'd been lobbying hubs to have our own bunny. He didn't want a bunny and kept telling me if I wanted rabbit poop for the garden I should just get it from the kids. I love my kid, but he is busy and doesn't have time to bring me bunny...