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    Bunny waking me up at night

    thank you guys! I will work on all the stuff you guys have said.
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    Bunny waking me up at night

    I also have a cat.
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    Bunny waking me up at night

    Since I have a carpeted room, I am a bit worried about him peeing all over. he is litter trained but still has accidents occasionally.
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    Not eating hay or greens 😳

    Although I am not a bunny expert It is probably because of Farrah passing away. even though they were not close companinons, it still would be stressful for a bunny. any change stresses out a bunny which can lead to not eating food, or eating little food. I would not worry much if it has not...
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    Bunny waking me up at night

    his cage is 6 feet by 2 feet. (But I take him out of his cage alot.) He has over 5 toys in his cage. hay is unlimited as well as water. I only give him a little pellets everyday and I give him A lot of greens.
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    Bunny waking me up at night

    I share a room with my bunny. Every night he chews on his cage and it wakes me up (usually at like 5 am and I like to wake up at like 7 am or 8 am. ) I am wondering what I should do. Usually I give him a small scoop of pellets and go back to bed but he just wakes me up like 30 minutes later. I...
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    What's you buns favourite food ?

    Basil is my bunnies favorite food. (He is named after his favorite food, his name is basil.😁) he also likes bananas alot too. 🍌
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    What is your bunny named and why?

    Your bunnies are so cute! ❤
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    Neighbor's rabbit is hurt and in very bad condition, How to help ?

    It is so sad how people get rabbits and then don't even take care of them. Good job for talking to the parents, I agree with niomi that you saved that bunnys life.
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    What is your bunny named and why?

    What is your bunny/bunnies names and why did you name them that? My bunny is named basil because he loves basil and I just really like the name. I also really like the plant 😀. Any time I have basil in my hand he runs right up to me and just takes it from my hand. 😂
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    Best Beginner Rabbit Tricks?

    My bunny knows how to jump over hurdles, spin around, walk on his hind legs and also just stand up on his hind legs. I train my bunny to do these tricks with small pieces of fruit and he loves it. I love the handshake and high five idea. I will try it today and see how it goes.
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    What is your opinion on the brand Kaytee for food?

    Personally I would not give your bunny those treats, especially if your rabbit is older than 6 months. If your rabbit is older than 6 months they should not eat any alfalfa hay. Instead of store bought treats you should just give your bunny a small piece of fruit , (Mine loves bananas), as...