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  1. kirsterz09

    Over dominent/aggressive bunny!

    Hi all, i am looking for some advice to help my girl sky. She is a 3 year old spayed girl but has a big problem with over bullying her fellow rabbits. She attacks both our neutered male and female that she lives with by either scratching at their faces or chasing them round the hutch. It had...
  2. kirsterz09

    My female doe

    Hi all, it has been a while since I last was on the forums but, my female rabbit Autumn has started showing signs of pregnancy. She and her spayed companion Sky were put in with a recently neutered boy Cloud three weeks ago just after he'd been neutuered, as his brother rejected him. Now 3 weeks...
  3. kirsterz09

    Had to take Clover to the vets this morning!

    Hey all, I went out this morn to clean out the hutches and when I got to Fiver and Clovers hutch, I went to clean out the 2cd level and Clover was lying in the way, usually she'll move out of my way but, will try to attack/play with the brush and pan, today though she stayed lying down and I had...
  4. kirsterz09

    The Amersham Horse case

    Hi everyone I'd thought I'd share this awful case with you all as it's one of the worse cases of animal cruelty the UK has ever seen and whats worth it looks like the man responsible for it, might just get away with it :X! Here is a link giving a quick lowdown on the basic story and what has...
  5. kirsterz09

    Any bike experts on here?

    Hi everyone, well basically I brought my fiancee a new bike last week as we live next to a cycle track and well we've only had it a week and already it's going wrong! :grumpy Basically when he's riding it the back wheel keeps going to the left and catching the side of the frame making a annoying...
  6. kirsterz09

    Do unspayed females have periods?

    Hi all was just wondering about this as noticed blood stains in her fur around her rear and as there is no physical signs of bleeding or bloody faeces, I was wondering if periods could be the reason?
  7. kirsterz09

    My first tattoo!!

    Well some of you may remember that I was discussing getting a tattoo whilst on holiday in Florida this year. Well I went to the studio and they were very good and helped me design my own personal tattoo and here is the finished result, I had it done back in the end of January, so it's looking...
  8. kirsterz09

    Band Songs now on myspace!!

    Hey all, as you know from my last post, we went into the recording studio last weekend. The songs are now on our myspace page and I thought you'd might like to hear them. If you type prophets for the darned into myspace whilst searching for music, it should come up with our page, I tried to put...
  9. kirsterz09

    My Nans xmas drawing

    A few months back my nan asked me if I could draw her a fantasy picture, so I decided to save a few £'s and draw her one for xmas. Now this is one of the first fantasy pics I have ever done and for those of you who have seen my other drawings, will know that I am not a huge fan a drawing...
  10. kirsterz09

    Going into the recording studio on saturday!

    I guess its best to start from the beginning with this as, most of you won't have a clue what I'm talking about lol. Basically I am the drummer in a band called Profits For The Damned, we have been rehersing now for about a year I think. The Band constitutes of me on drums, nick my fiancee on...
  11. kirsterz09

    Some Funny Bunny Christmas Songs

    Here are some songs our bunnies will be singing along to this xmas, All a want for christmas is my two buck teeth, Carrots roasting on a open fire, Deck the hutch, Do they know it's Bunmas, Frosty the Snowbun, God Bless thee merry gentlebucks, Hark the herald bunnies sing, I saw mummy...
  12. kirsterz09

    My Crazy Kitties

    Hey all, Here is some pics of my 3 Persian cats, they Grey Smoke is Max, the Black is Pepsi and the Colourpoint is Pan. 'I'm not having a good day!' Just when you thought it was safe to go upstairs!!! 'Aaaarrrggg whats that your pointing in my face!!' 'Sleepy Time' 'Awwwwww...
  13. kirsterz09

    Fun In the Run With Clover and Fiver

    He are some pics of my phone of clover and fiver having a fun time in the run, that I'd thought I'd share with you! Here is my beautiful girl Clover. 'This now belongs to me!' Here is anouther pic of Clover. 'Yes I have come over to you, now what do you want?' 'This tube ain't big enough...
  14. kirsterz09

    what I hope to be my first tattoo

    I have been considering getting a tattoo for while, but have been nervous about finding a place that is both proffesional and will produce a high quality tattoo. I was browsing the tattoo johnny website when I found this tattoo http://tattoos.tattoojohnny.com/product/FTF-00013 I totally love it...
  15. kirsterz09

    My parents couldn't be bothered to call me on my birthday :(

    Well I think I've left it long enough! As every one knows today is my bday and you'd think that my parents to whom I'm there only child (which, they struggled to have due to my mum having a lot of complications) that they'd call me! However it's now coming up to 11pm and still nothing! I know...
  16. kirsterz09

    A few birthday pics

    Here is some pics my 22cd birthday that I thought I'd share with you! My fiancee nick took them when, he had fianally prized me off my new xbox that he's brought me!!! I'm one lucky girl!!! Heres a pic of my cake! I think we can all tell what I'm a fan of lol! Here a pic of me cutting my...
  17. kirsterz09

    Photos of my falconry experiance last year

    He is some pics of me on my falconry experiance last year for my 21st! I had a blast! Here is me and a Harris Hawk Me and a Spotted Eagle Owl and introducing the cutest thing on the planet......... Burger the baby Spectacled Owl! Me and a Chaco Owl Me and a American Kestrel...
  18. kirsterz09

    Rare and special visitor to our garden

    Managed to get some good pics of a rare visitor to our garden today! I was real chuffed to get to see it so close. It's a female sparrowhawk and you'll find out why she was hanging around in the pics. and here is what she was after: She'd caught a collard dove and then left it in the...
  19. kirsterz09

    Here is my latest drawing!!!

    After a good few days here is my finished drawing of the velociraptor.
  20. kirsterz09


    Basically we had a annoying fly that was keeping us awake in our bedroom and we tried to catch it but it was too quick so we used vapona fly and wasp killer spray to kill it and I was wondering when it would be safe to re-enter the room as it says not to inhale the spray (don't know if that...