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  1. tonyshuman

    Swollen and leaking nipple - is this serious? Am worried

    I am not very confident in your vet. This is serious, either an infection or cancer as Geoff mentioned.
  2. tonyshuman

    Mites or really bad molting?

    White things in the fur and flaking skin sounds like fur mites.
  3. tonyshuman

    Continued battle with head tilt

    Septra isn't a very modern antibiotic and it's not the best choice for head tilt. I would ask for a stronger antibiotic like injectible penicillin, or azithromycin. If your vet isn't willing to try different antibiotics, I'd look for another vet.
  4. tonyshuman

    Lead paint concern....

    I would like to know if you come up with a good solution. My bun was in the ER this weekend probably from eating baseboard. I had put soap on to no avail. I am currently trying to keep him from eating the baseboards by putting aluminum foil on all of them.
  5. tonyshuman

    My buns getting sprayed tomorrow!

    I hope she's doing better by now...
  6. tonyshuman

    Help please

    I agree, a second opinion is a good idea. They may be able to try to flush the tear duct, which can help them figure out what's going on in some cases. Sometimes they get blocked with debris and a good flush gets that out. Sometimes they can't get any liquid through the tear duct, in which case...
  7. tonyshuman

    runny poo

    Glad he's doing better, and that you're having him checked out as well.
  8. tonyshuman

    How to help this Rabbit...

    I agree on the probiotic. I would also offer some chemical-free, not-pooped-on-by-other-animals grass if you can find some. Another option is spring greens (in small amounts at first). If he was outside for long, his diet was probably mostly grass and veggies similar to spring mix, and any big...
  9. tonyshuman

    Another Gas Question

    Albon is a good treatment for coccida. I would keep looking for a probiotic, and you can keep up the gas meds if it helps.
  10. tonyshuman

    Anal Redness?

    Just saw your other thread, so I know he's an orphaned wild bun now, sorry. I would still take him to the emergency vet or a rehabber. It is very difficult for young cottontails to survive in the first few weeks of life. They also undergo a transition of the GI system where it goes from...
  11. tonyshuman

    Anal Redness?

    That is one young bunny. If you see a red, protruding anus, he probably has a prolapse and/or a serious case of diarrhea. Prolapse is always a medical emergency and diarrhea in a young bunny (especially one that young) is also always a medical emergency. It looks like that bunny may be wild? I...
  12. tonyshuman

    Head tilt help

    Sometimes bunnies will drink more if it is tasty. I have these powder packets that make up 8oz servings of pedialyte--got them at Walgreens--and they go nuts for it. It doesn't have much (if any) sugar, has electrolytes that help with rehydration, and is in fruity flavors that the bunnies are...
  13. tonyshuman

    Spaying now not eating

    She probably needs pain meds. Many bunnies need them, especially females. At this point, anything they gave her at the vet's office will have worn off. I would call the vet and ask for pain meds for her. I do not recommend using yogurt because it contains lactose, which rabbits cannot digest. It...
  14. tonyshuman

    Oscar and Pannacur (please read you may help)

    I think the reason we suspected EC is because no other parasites come to mind for urinary tract symptoms. Since Panacur was leading to some improvement, there is probably a parasite involved, as Panacur is an antiparasitic drug. EC does have some urinary symptoms, and Panacur has been shown to...
  15. tonyshuman

    Injured stray rabbit (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

    Wow that bunny really needs help. I would trap him if you can, get in touch with a rescue or animal control if you can't and hopefully they can catch him. I agree, it is not fair to him for that to go untreated. Even if animal control will euthanize him, that would be more humane than him having...
  16. tonyshuman

    Please help!!! :(

    Agreed, emergency vet ASAP.
  17. tonyshuman

    The tale of the rabbit n00b who's bunny has GI stasis

    Wanted to add this link: http://www.rabbitsonline.net/f22/bloat-gas-10385/ It can be hard to tell what is bloat and what is gas without an x-ray, and bloat is pretty much fatal, whereas gas can be treated. I had an emergency vet tell me my bun had bloat, and then I took him to another vet who...
  18. tonyshuman

    The tale of the rabbit n00b who's bunny has GI stasis

    Probiotics are good for rabbits, but they can't digest lactose. If you can find acidophilus or lactobacillus in a veterinary or human preparation without dairy, that may help. Yogurt is usually made from dairy so it is not ok for rabbits. It really does sound like she's starting to turn around...
  19. tonyshuman

    Need help... my rabbit died. :(

    I am so sorry. I have heard of a similar incident in which a small eye irritation turned into a ruptured eye that led to an emergency removal. It can be hard to see a small scratch on the cornea, and they can get bad very quickly. I am not sure the vets you saw gave you the best advice and most...
  20. tonyshuman

    runny poo

    Hope things are going well for you and your bun. Watery diarrhea can be a horrible problem for bunnies--they can go downhill very fast. In bunnies under 6 months, diarrhea is an emergency situation, so make sure to get this under control soon. You can stress the seriousness of it to your...