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  1. bunnylove2024

    Warrior Stories

    Look awesome!
  2. bunnylove2024

    Opinion on Cat Trees

    If he know not to jump off it should be ok. But watch him for a while before leaving him unattended. Just to be safe I would put a few blankets and pillows under it. He is very cute!
  3. bunnylove2024

    First time pregnant rabbit - not sure if she's behaving as she should

    Yup it is quite normal, good luck!
  4. bunnylove2024

    Queen Feed Book

    That is a great book, you should publish it for those who haven't read it.
  5. bunnylove2024

    Rabbit aggression during bonding attempts help!

    If the Male hasn't been in a spot in your house try bonding there, it is new territory for them both so it would be territorial. Try putting food in with them to distract for a little, if they fight over the food remove it right away. There is a chance thematic they are just not compatible but I...
  6. bunnylove2024

    3rd Cutting Timothy Hay Okay?

    I couldn't have said it better!
  7. bunnylove2024

    Rabbit Owners in Pakistan?

    Get him lots of hay, if you can't buy it let grass grow long and dry it, it is very good for them. Allow him 1-2 hours on the grass every day that will help to. I wish you the best of luck.
  8. bunnylove2024

    BEST Rabbit Grooming Supplies

    Oh wow, I just got the brush and it works great, thank you so much!
  9. bunnylove2024

    Redoing Remy's Nightime Cage!

    Great job! He looks so happy.
  10. bunnylove2024

    Mom, dad, and babies ready to be rehomed

    They are absolutely adorable, I wish I could take them in but I am to far away. I wish you the best of luck!
  11. bunnylove2024

    3rd Cutting Timothy Hay Okay?

    That should be ok, If he has pellets he should be ok.
  12. bunnylove2024

    Rabbit chewing tail

    No that is not normal, there is a chance that she is grooming the sore but it's highly unlikely. Is there any other things going on between the two of them?
  13. bunnylove2024

    bunny circling

    That means she is excited, by the way that is an adorable name!
  14. bunnylove2024

    White urine?

    The white urine I don't know about but I can help with the playing. It is good that he likes you that much but it is a sign of separation problems. You could help him by doing a few things. 1. Letting him play by himself but coming back and giving him lots of love. 2. You can have him meet...
  15. bunnylove2024


    I don't but if they are still sharp u might want to clip at a flat instead of an angle, if they are still sharp u might want to file them. It takes alot of patience and time but it could be worth it.
  16. bunnylove2024

    Devastated over bunny loss..help

    I am so sorry. It is not your fault and u did nothing wrong, it is hard losing an animal and its even harder when others don't uderstand. I will be praying for you. The vet should have done something else instead of just giving u medicine. I am so sorry for your loss.
  17. bunnylove2024

    "God must love idiots 'cause he made so darn many!

    I am so sorry! Some people these day are just so rude. Tell her that she was right and that I hope she has better luck from now on!
  18. bunnylove2024

    Twisted toe

    Is it the nail or the toe, if its the entire toe u should go get it looked at if it is just the nail he should be ok, it isn't a big deal if is the nail. Good luck!
  19. bunnylove2024

    Tips on how to get along with you bunny and litter training?

    That sounds like its working for training. You can use positive encouragement when he does somthing right, that always helps a lot. Also if your grandma is treating her rabbits like that it is best not to take her advice. Holding a bunny by the ears has so many effects on a bunny that only hurt...
  20. bunnylove2024

    Spot on the Inside of Ear

    That was most likely a scab, I can't be sure because I haven't seen it. She should be ok just make sure it doesn't get infected.