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  1. LindyS

    Another Rabbit..

    Let us know if we can help out!
  2. LindyS

    Some bunnies born on easter and a question on nursing

    Wow look at all dem babies!
  3. LindyS

    Nesting Box

    We order our nestbox's from a website online. I have recently found out a friend makes them so I can just get them from him.
  4. LindyS

    Bell had her litter last night.

    Nethi's. thanks guys! Momma is looking mighty naked
  5. LindyS

    Bell had her litter last night.

    She had four. One DOA,two peanuts, and one healthy looking baby. She pulled so much fur I had to take some out and ziplock bag it. She had them sometime between 6-8 while my husband and I was at a crawfish boil. We are kid free this weekend. What im sad about is ive been begging the bunny gods...
  6. LindyS

    The Royal Wedding

    Watching tv all day but work half the day. Thank gosh we got tv's in our waiting room. GREAT NEWS! Bell is due today. So!!!!! Im thinking we are gonna have to come up with some royal wedding names or something that has to do with it.
  7. LindyS

    Line Breeding

    I won't do it because I herd that it can backfire on you, you get nothing but peanuts, and you really have to know what ur doing. I don't believe the peanut part. I've only had rabbits for a month so I no where near informed enough to know what I'm doing. I might screw something up.
  8. LindyS

    Line Breeding

  9. LindyS

    Line Breeding

    I call them clean by not line breeding. You have a differant opinion of clean. Anyway I don't care for it because I have seen what line breeding can do in dogs with a special on tv so I don t like it but don't don't I don't dislike anyone for doing so.
  10. LindyS

    Polish dwarf not eating for 5 days!

    Gi stasis comes to mind.
  11. LindyS

    Line Breeding

    I don't care to do it but know maybe one breeder who said they started to with silver martens. I don't know much about it but I preffer to keep my lines clean.
  12. LindyS

    Rate the Avatar!!

    1-10 or what's the numbers?
  13. LindyS

    Unhappy about recent rabbit purchase

    It happens alot more them you think. A good guy who's been breeding for years bought a pair of dwar hotots at a show, it was not checked. Called the lady/breeder when he got home and she was amazed that she gave him the wrong bun. He got his doe the next day. Some breeders just want to make a...
  14. LindyS

    Weather in the south

    Today is actually pretty good. Sun in and out.
  15. LindyS

    Weather in the south

    Lol Erin. I was gonna yell at you to get out of my yard when I started reading. Yeah we got horrible weather here as well.
  16. LindyS

    Lily and Loki - The Disastrous Duo

    I have a Loaky. Spelled differant.
  17. LindyS

    A VERY BASIC mini genetics lesson for beginners

    Ahhh I got it! Thanks. I was hopeing for a more even split.
  18. LindyS


    I had a judge tell me the way to tell a seal from a black is that seal has a slight chocolate tent to it.
  19. LindyS

    E. Cuniculi? Doe has tumor in eye...

    Poor babe sorry Lindsey for your lose. I can't beleve the breeder! I'm mad for u! I hope Mr Gary has a nice size litter. He will we attending almost all the Louisiana shows this year.
  20. LindyS

    Brought home my bun!

    Looks like a bew. Nice bun, congrats!
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