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  1. Rosemarie

    Jumping and agility

    If it helps any, we have some training videos on our website We also have instructions on how to build equipment safely. As Kate said, safety is the number one priority...
  2. Rosemarie

    Fostering a Rabbit.

    Hi Lynnie, Have you emailed AAORR? If so, it would be me that would have gotten your email. It's our family that runs the rescue. If I got it, I would have replied to you with the contract we have our fosters fill out when they wish to foster for us. We can provide hay and pellets as all the...
  3. Rosemarie

    Edmonton area Rabbit Hopping Club

    I feel terrible I never noticed your previos question about the film canisters. I'm glad you were able to find something else that will work! Can you post a pic and show how you've got them on the jump just so if anyone else is looking they can see what you've done?
  4. Rosemarie

    Cinderella is very sick (RIP)

    I'm so sorry Brandy. It is definitely NOT YOUR FAULT. Do not feel guilty over such a thing, you tried so long and hard to keep Cinderella healthy as long as possible and she had someone so devoted to care for her, it's more then a lot of bunnies get. You're rabbits are extremely lucky to have...
  5. Rosemarie

    Bruise? Or something worse?

    I would definitely prefer to think it is new hair coming in... We weren't able to get a hold of our vet, we were wondering why she wasn't getting back to us and THEN we remembered that she's travelling for vacation right now and she'll be gone for another week. I don't really like the other...
  6. Rosemarie

    Flynn's FHO

    Oh my goodness. Amanda had Flynn out running around for a while today and she's just crazy. She's so full of energy and doing amazingly well with her recovery. Now to just keep her from hurting her other hip from her leaping and bounding all over the place! :happyrabbit:
  7. Rosemarie

    When is the best time to get her spayed?

    Just make sure to go to a good expeisnce rabbit vet. Often verys who are more into dogs and cats might not be as good with exotics. Ask lots of questions!:)
  8. Rosemarie

    Your Cages 2010!- No comments please

    All very neat ideas!
  9. Rosemarie

    Name Help?! *photos included*

    My husband and daughter suggested Patches. :)
  10. Rosemarie

    Edmonton area Rabbit Hopping Club

    Hi Sunny, The best site I can suggest is out own, If you look in the Videos link, we have training videos, etc. on how to get started on hopping and training your bunny. Unfortunately the lady who was going to start the Edmonton division of the...
  11. Rosemarie

    Flynn's FHO

    Edit; Mom left herself logged in, so I'm going to post this on my account...
  12. Rosemarie

    Harley - my sweet baby angel

    I was so very sorry to hear about Harley. Amanda had been giving me updates on him and we hoped and prayed for a good outcome for him. He was very lucky to have you and to know how much you loved & cared for him. Our thoughts are with you as I know this is a very difficult time for you.
  13. Rosemarie

    Hip Dislocation

    Flynn's surgery is schedules for February 17, 2012. The surgery will run between $950 and $1100. For anyone who might like to help chip in to help Amanda cover the costs for her surgery, I've set up a chip-in account for her. I've been telling Amanda to do this, but she's too proud to...
  14. Rosemarie

    Question about grapes

    Personally, I only give one or two at a time. An entire bowl of ANYTHING is too much for a bun, just think of how tiny their little tummies are. That's a ton.
  15. Rosemarie

    The Christmas Bunny

    I purchased this movie for my daughters for Christmas. I however had a totally different opinion of it. The advice they give, for example, feeding pellets and how it's a waste of money, we just shake our head at. However, they did say feeding good quality hay is a must. That I agree with...
  16. Rosemarie

    I need someone to come forward and admit to this.....

    Peace is my Belgian Hare, and trust me, he doesn't want to get in the middle of all this! (I realize you mean peace, not Peace, but thought it was funny!)
  17. Rosemarie

    Huge gash where my rabbits dewlap was....

    How's the bunny doing?
  18. Rosemarie

    Home of the Athletes

    mistyjr ~ Thank you! So we just celebrated Jabberwocky and Peace's birthdays! (April 6 is Jabberwocky's and April 7 is Peace's!) and we ended up making little "birthday cakes" for both of them... Which was really just taking bits of the veggies they normally get and dressing them up fancy XD...
  19. Rosemarie

    People think bunny molting is bad!

    It was mainly me who walked out of the barn with the majority of hair all over her. You didn't have hardly on you! You should have taken a pic of me & posted it to. :vacuum:
  20. Rosemarie

    Taking bun away from home to socialize?

    We take all our buns different places for performances and they are so chill with it now, they know what's happening when their carriers come out and they hop right on in to see where we are going that day. I think it would be a great idea to take the bun out and socialize her while exposing...
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