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  1. RavenousDragon

    Advice on Dental Problems

    Oh smooshy faced rabbits and their never ending teeth problems. If it were me, I'd have the vet culture the pus to see what antibiotics will work against the infection (it may be resistant to the previous antibiotics). Trimming the teeth regularly should help, and removing them would also likely...
  2. RavenousDragon

    Is 101.4 a normal temp?

    A temperature drop that small can be caused my so many things! If you are taking his temperature rectally, it could have just been next to a fecal ball, which will reduce the temperature a few degrees. He may also have been calmer this time, lowering his body temperature. Body temperature is...
  3. RavenousDragon

    CBD Oil (non-THC) Bunny Safe?

    CBD oil is not tested to work in animals at all-- it's sort of like a vitamin more than anything. It may help, it may hurt. We simply don't have any data on it (it's definitely something many are working on, however). We are unsure of the side effects of CBD oil in animals and the companies...
  4. RavenousDragon

    bad day

    Sending our love and support. <3
  5. RavenousDragon

    Is it bad if the rabbit dosen’t get daily veggies?

    Herbs are a great substitute for bunnies! If he can handle those, just focus on giving him herbs. He should do quite well!
  6. RavenousDragon

    When is it too soon for a new bunny?

    It always depends on the person. I find it easier to address my pain when I have a new rescue in my life, and I always have the desire to open my home to a new euthanasia-list bun, so I tend to acquire new rabbits not long after one passes, but everyone is so different that you should simply...
  7. RavenousDragon

    Rabbit in need of home in MN ASAP

    That's awesome guys! This bun is going to a good home! <3
  8. RavenousDragon

    Rabbits with cats

    Really, in my experience at least, the relationship depends on the cat's temperament. My cat and rabbits get along quite well! But my cat is very much NOT a hunter (except of strings and wand toys :D). My cat doesn't bother them, and that's the key. But it can work quite well!
  9. RavenousDragon

    Sudden Death of Young Rabbit

    Theoretically, Toxoplasmosis can be transmitted to a rabbit that way, yes. BUT we really over state the risks of getting toxoplasmosis from cats (most people, turns out, get it from eating undercooked pork). Cats with a healthy immune system (e.g. not FIV or FeLV positive) will only shed it for...
  10. RavenousDragon

    I'll always love you my little trouble maker

    I am so so sorry for your loss. We are sending all our love your way. :(
  11. RavenousDragon

    Grumpy cat

    Some cats, particularly females, are just sort of like that. You could try something like Feliway, if you haven't already. It's a scentless (to us), pheromone that mimics soothing cat pheromones. It can REALLY help some cats calm down (but not all cats). I've had a few cats that sound just like...
  12. RavenousDragon


    I would wait a few more days to give him a new kind of pellet. Both are good pellets which I trust, but changing any food can cause another GI upset.
  13. RavenousDragon


    Enrofloxacin is generally considered safe for bunnies. It SHOULD help clear up the UTI and if he is enterotoxemic, it should help with that too. However, if his stools become abnormal, I'd stop it again. Those x-rays are kind of hard for me to read (I'm used to super fancy high quality ones...
  14. RavenousDragon

    Wet nose and always sneezing

    It sounds like you are doing a lot to help him out with his allergies and keep a very clean place! A humidifier may help. It helped my bunny quite a bit when I got one! It's hard to tell whether it may get better or worse outdoors-- it depends on the specific allergies.
  15. RavenousDragon

    Oldest rabbit

    The oldest I've personally had was at least 12 (I adopted him as an adult), but I know quite a few people on here have and have had much older rabbits (17-18+).
  16. RavenousDragon

    small cut on paw

    So long as she is not still bleeding, and it stays clean, she should be ok. I'd keep her cage/ area SUPER clean for a week or two, and if there is any sign of infection (pus, smelly, not healing) take her to the vet. Sometimes, pets are just rambunctious and do silly things to hurt themselves...
  17. RavenousDragon

    URGENT unwell baby

    In terms of the liver issues, it depends on the actual issue. Livers are very good at regenerating themselves so long as they aren't completely destroyed. Keep force feeding her and treating her as your vet recommended-- good luck! Keep us updated.
  18. RavenousDragon

    Neutering, timothy hay allergies, and other questions from a new rabbit owner

    In terms of boredom, I am a HUGE fan of hiding pellets for my rabbits in various toys and puzzles or just around the apartment. Instead of simply feeding them in a bowl or something, I force them to actually work for it :p (I actually do the same with my cat's dry food before I leave for class...
  19. RavenousDragon

    How far away the vet should be?

    Consultation isn't the wrong word at all! We TEND to use the word appointment for in-person meetings (just a random nuance of the American version of English). Your English is .actually very good, by the way. Better than my second or third languages by far.
  20. RavenousDragon

    Red urine from female rabbit

    That looks like it's time for a vet visit. That IS blood in the urine. How is she doing?