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  1. Love.Bunny.Marinette

    New owner .

    I have an outdoor hutch and an indoor cage for my bun too. I put a litter box in both areas. She is inside most of the time as I live in the South and it is already getting hot during the day. I also let her free roam when I am home so she can get exercises and interact with the family. Litter...
  2. Love.Bunny.Marinette

    2019 Cages - add your photo!

    I changed the flooring and rearranged a little.
  3. Love.Bunny.Marinette

    What rabbit is this?

    Lol yeah I didn't know how to spell it but I figured you'd know what I mean [emoji28]
  4. Love.Bunny.Marinette

    Easter fun

    Ok so on Easter I decided to have a little fun with the kids. Marinette is my ESA I did not get her for Easter or to amuse the kids. However I could not resist the opportunity to blow their little minds. I did not subject Marinette to any stress in the process. All that being said one day about...
  5. Love.Bunny.Marinette


    The beautiful Marinette was very photographic last night. I took these just before bed time. She got a new toy she loved and munched down most of her salad then needed a little rest.
  6. Love.Bunny.Marinette

    2019 Cages - add your photo!

    The first pic is from her outside hutch. She really doesn't go in there often mostly to relax after grooming and nail trimming just to give her some space after all the stress. The second pic is her inside crate. She is free to roam when I am home unless I'm asleep. So she is really only in...
  7. Love.Bunny.Marinette

    Bunny doesn't seem to like new cage/space. Not eating.

    It sounds like she does not want to go back into the old cage even if the wire top is off. I don't blame her it was probably a very uncomfortable place to live. I would just get her a whole new litter box and do away with that old cage all together.
  8. Love.Bunny.Marinette

    What rabbit is this?

    Aww Binky free little guy. He was beautiful. His color reminds me of a Harley Quinn but I don't know a lot about different breeds. Bi love how his ears were out to the side. Sending good vibes wail you go through this loss.
  9. Love.Bunny.Marinette

    My buck, Gary, has been stomping loudly for almost 5 hours straight?

    Marinette thumps in the morning around the time my alarm goes off. I think it's her way of telling me it's time to get up and let her out. She knows our routine well and it only took about a week of doing everything around the same time every day. She even knows when it's time to go to bed.
  10. Love.Bunny.Marinette

    Share your bunnies!

    This is Marinette, my 3 month old lionhead. She is my ESA. If you look close you might be able to tell her right eye is blue and her left eye is brown. [emoji7] I love this Bunny so much!!!
  11. Love.Bunny.Marinette

    How do I get rid of the smell!!?

    I use the same bedding covered with hay but I only have one rabbit and she has not hit puberty yet. I also clean her letterbox every evening with a vinegar water solution. When it dries there is no smell left from her urine or the vinegar. As soon as she is old enough I plan to get her fix for...
  12. Love.Bunny.Marinette

    Is my rabbit sick? Please help!

    If you are really scared you could take her in for a checkup... Do you have critical care or digestive support treats you could give her to make sure she is getting enough nutrients?