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  1. Snowball25

    Snowball Passed

    Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to share your stories and losses. I am very sorry you lost your bunnies too as they are beautiful bunnies. Still very sad
  2. Snowball25

    Bunny died today :(

    I am very sorry as we lost our beautiful snowball on Tuesday at 5:15 brought to vet day before at 5:45 pm and she went so quick. She was not eating, pooping and lifeless at the end. We felt so helpless as the vet could not save her and she died in my arms. Snowball cried in both eyes, gasp...
  3. Snowball25

    Snowball Passed

    Today I am very sad and have so much guilt about our beautiful snowball who was 8 years old as she passed on October 22,2019 at 5:15 in my arms as I saw her cry , gasp for air, eyes turn blue and heart racing very fast and stopped. We are so devastated as we loved snowball from day one as she...
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