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  1. MyBabyHasPaws


    hamster talk eh? lol Do hamsters bite? I remember my cousin owned hamsters and his were mean little buggers, scared me from ever owning any of my own!
  2. MyBabyHasPaws


    People suck. You were a lot nicer to her than I would have been. PFFFT. Good job you!
  3. MyBabyHasPaws

    radio for rabbits?

    I leave the tv on for my bunnies, and dogs. I put Animal Planet on lol. If I dont leave the tv on i usually have my radio going. Spanish music though, i have hispanic bunnies LOLOL
  4. MyBabyHasPaws


    wait, you know.. now that I think about it.. when I did that she started to DIG and get everything out. Yea yea, I remember, i ended up using a grate thing over her litter pan.
  5. MyBabyHasPaws


    I zip tie litter boxes! I had a bunny that LOVED to throw her litter box around, its like she waited until I cleaned it and walked away and then caused havoc! Zip ties! I was so fed up at that point, i didnt care how much money I was going to waste on zip ties! LOL!
  6. MyBabyHasPaws

    Baby proofing an xpen

    I have a gorgeous mixed white hugemongus rabbit I named Ruby and a baby mini rex tri color girly I named Coffee (although I seem to be calling her Bambi a lot *shrugs)
  7. MyBabyHasPaws

    My bunnies. What breed?

    I can hardly see your pix.. i'm going to randomly guess mixed.
  8. MyBabyHasPaws

    QUESTION - What do you think of this breed?!

    they all look different! Some of them are really not lookers... some of them are gorgeous. I agree, consistency...
  9. MyBabyHasPaws

    New bunny advice? She wont stop stomping!

    ive noticed that lionheads tend to be a little more finicky and nervous like. I could be wrong, this is just my personal observation. I would suggest giving her more time. take it really slow with her and see if that gets you anywhere. have you tried giving any treats?
  10. MyBabyHasPaws

    Coffee - weird poop

    She is doing MUCH better. When I got home yesterday I ran to her and saw that her poops are pretty much back to normal. They are fully formed and just a tiny bit soft. I'm not going to take her to the emergency vet, I dont think there is any need. I might not give her any alfalfa. I'm...
  11. MyBabyHasPaws

    Coffee - weird poop

    Awesome advice! When my friend brought her over she did bring the bag of food with her. It was freaking guinea pig food. When I got her, she had already not been pooping for 24 hrs. I wasnt sure if i should wean her off of that at all? So I didnt and just switched her all together to the...
  12. MyBabyHasPaws

    Hey Rabbit Lovers

    My husband is in love with Chevy!!! I was so surprised because he doesnt comment too much on buns, when I pulled Chevy's pic up he dropped his PSP remote and said "HOLY! NOW THATS A RABBIT!" lol!!! I have to agree.. he is STUNNING!
  13. MyBabyHasPaws

    Merry Christmas Everyone and Every Bun

    You too!! Have a Merry Merry!!!!!
  14. MyBabyHasPaws

    Coffee - weird poop

    ^Thats what I thought too. I have alfalfa hay, but wasnt sure if I even wanted to give her that.. i think i'll stick to what i've been doing. I have also been giving gas drops as a precaution since I read it wont hurt if its not gas. She is so strong and such a little fighter. I put her...
  15. MyBabyHasPaws

    We're Gonna Have a White Christmas!

    HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :party0002::party0002::party0002::party0002:
  16. MyBabyHasPaws

    We're Gonna Have a White Christmas!

    oh how awesome! I have never ever seen snow in person! I'm not sure I want to really but for Christmas it would be nice! Enjoy!!!!!!!! Its suppose to be cold here too, I think our lows are in the 50's WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. MyBabyHasPaws

    Coffee - weird poop

    I'm feeding Sherwood forest pellets, free fed, so I just filled the bowl up. I have the maintenence/show choice since I wasnt really expecting her and thats what Ruby was eating. Treats and veggies I'm really scared to give her. I dont want to mess up the little bit of progress we made. Do...
  18. MyBabyHasPaws

    Max & Charlie litter, almost 2 weeks old

    How can you NOT be in love? Honestly, they are gorgeous! I am so in love with all of their colors!!!!! I really like the chestnut missing an ear, makes him special! I want a frenchie sooooo bad!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. MyBabyHasPaws

    Maria, some rabbits I couldn't sell...

    OMG! I love the frenchie! I vow to have one - one day lol GORGEOUS! THanks for sharing Wendy!! :) :)
  20. MyBabyHasPaws

    What do you do when you cant sell?

    I appreciate all the responses, from breeders and from non breeders. I do understand the rescue side and I respect the breeding side. As a child I was raised around rabbits. My father raised them on a farm we rented here. His rabbits were not for pet nor show.. they were meat rabbits...
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