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  1. Ape337

    Newest Rescue ~ Baby Harlequin

    Good for her! I must admit I'm glad she was so far away from me, lol! Too cute.
  2. Ape337

    Does any bunny else here play "kill the doo rag"?

    Oh yes! It fights back! Every time I tries to pull it apart it snaps back. My mommy seems to think it's very funny to watch. She's always laughing at me....
  3. Ape337

    Cleaning up hay

    My shop vac isn't small to be sure. I have to store it in the sunroom. I can see that it wouldn't really be that practical unless you have the space.
  4. Ape337

    Cleaning up hay

    I use a shop vac. It's really the only thing I could find that can handle large debris like hay. There's no way I'm touching that stuff with my Dyson!
  5. Ape337

    Does any bunny else here play "kill the doo rag"?

    Freckles here, I kills the slinky! It doesn't die though.
  6. Ape337

    Twix and Her Babies!!

    O. M. G.!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Ape337

    Can you help me identify possible breeds in my mutt bunny?

    Adorabunny breed? Lol! Too cute 😊
  8. Ape337

    6 month old getting spayed today...any advice for after care?

    Just stopped by to say I'm so glad she's home and well!
  9. Ape337

    Faith has a bunny on her nose, lol!

    M I C, K E Y. Lol! There should definitely be a molting thread. I'd love to see how everyone else's buns molt! Thanks for the Faith love ☺️
  10. Ape337

    Do rabbits smell?

    IMHO I would rather clean 1,000 rabbit boxes than 1 cat box again. I also use softwood (horse stall) pellets and they're awesome! The only odor I smell is hay. I love bunnies 😊
  11. Ape337

    Faith has a bunny on her nose, lol!

    Lol! Elvis! Her molting is the strangest I've ever seen. My other two bunnies are normal shedders but she is too fun to watch! I'll try to get other pics as she progresses.
  12. Ape337

    What breed is my bunny?

    Just had to say - that bunny is soooo cute!
  13. Ape337

    Faith has a bunny on her nose, lol!

    When Faith starts to shed she gets racing stripes, but I've never seen this pattern! 😊
  14. Ape337


    Hubby and I go camping about twice a year. We tent camp and go on day hikes but we've never taken the rabbits. I send them to my parents house for the week. The longest I'm comfortable leaving them is a weekend (and that's with us leaving Friday and returning Sunday so it really only ends up...
  15. Ape337

    2014 Cages You've Made

    Gunners house is so cute!
  16. Ape337

    What's the most expensive item your rabbit has ruined?

    "Domestic engineering". Hahahahaha! Mike, your bun looks like a nice piece of velvet!
  17. Ape337

    Abandoned The Litter Box

    I second the hay layer on top of the pellets. I did this to get my buns used to the pellets because they wouldn't jump onto them at first. Worked like a charm!
  18. Ape337

    Cage flooring

    Of my 3 bunnies, Faith was the only one that was still in tact when I got her (thank goodness!). She peed/pooped everywhere. She was about 6 months old. I don't know exactly because she was given to me. Anyway, no matter what I did she went everywhere. I tried everything I could think of...
  19. Ape337

    2014 Cages You've Made

    Freckle's cage. Just like Faith's, but he gets a larger litterbox because as you can see he thinks it's fun to pull tons of hay out into his box, lol!
  20. Ape337

    What's the most expensive item your rabbit has ruined?

    I totally forgot about the woodwork.... We actually remade the windowsills out of corian so Faith couldn't eat them anymore. She remodels woodwork. Freckles would too if he had the chance. Humma is my angel, he doesn't chew wood.
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