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  1. gmas rabbit

    My doe stopped eating/drinking/pooping ten days ago - Please reply if you can help!

    Have you tried the new science digestive support (oxbow). You can get it at most larger pet stores or online. Has long strand timothy grass in little cookies with no preservatives, additives or dyes. Contains chicory root to support the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut, ginger root that...
  2. gmas rabbit

    My doe stopped eating/drinking/pooping ten days ago - Please reply if you can help!

    GET HER TO THE VET. She obviously has GI Statis and if you don't get her there quickly you are not going to have a bunny. She needs sub-Q fluids and moblilty drugs and probably antibiotics. Sounds like you have don every think possible at home.
  3. gmas rabbit

    Sore Hocks with No Rabbit Savvy Vet Nearby

    We have a friend with a bunny with on going sore hocks. Hers were looking as bad as your bunnies. She has been using Bag Balm and before that Healx Soother Plus. When she switched to tiny baby socks padded with bunny fur her feet started to improve immediately. Try getting bag balm online. She...
  4. gmas rabbit

    Papaya tablet oxbow question

    I have been giving Derby papaya tablets when he sheds for quite awhile. This year a friend suggested that I try the new product from natural science. It is called Natural Science - Digestive Support by Oxbow. It is a high fiber supplement containing various herbal ingredients to support the...
  5. gmas rabbit

    Happy birthday Fraggles!!!!

    Happy Birthday Fraggles. You are as beautiful as ever. Lots of nose bonks and hugs from Elmira and Derby.
  6. gmas rabbit

    Anybunny else no lyke begetables?

    I love dandelions, willow leaves and grass. Momma buys me, cilantro ( not that cwazy abouts), argula ( rather have dandelions ) curly endive lettuce, curly and italian parsley ( yummo) carrots, carrot tops, romanne lettuce ( not bad in a pinch ), apples, and bananas. We tends to stay away from...
  7. gmas rabbit

    Transporting Bunnies

    Sign for your horse trailer sounds like a marvelous idea!! Charge admission or by donation, will help pay for the move. lol We have only transported one bunny at a time for trips to Alberta 8 hours away. He basically travels in his oversized dog carrier ( 12 pound french lop ) with stops to...
  8. gmas rabbit


    Oh no, I am so, so sorry to see this. He was such a sweetie. He was such a wee champion. Binky free little man.
  9. gmas rabbit

    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit's Travel Blog

    Wendell you look like you are having a blast.
  10. gmas rabbit

    Calgary State of Emergency from Flooding

    Pretty scary. Glad you are alright, but terrible that people would leave animals behind, especially with the shelters and call outs for anyone that needs an animal foster during this. Something to be said about living on a hill.
  11. gmas rabbit

    Bunny wont go up or down ramp

    I agree it is way too steep. Can you make it longer or put a box down first for him to hop up to the next level. Elmira's outside cage that she uses in her yard has shelves with holes in them at different areas. She hops onto one shelf then goes over to the hole and hops up to the other shelf...
  12. gmas rabbit

    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit's Travel Blog

    Poor Wendell. He is definitely a class to himself. Great photos.
  13. gmas rabbit

    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit's Travel Blog

    Last night we took Wendell to see Margaret Falls. It is situated about 20 km from Salmon Arm, next to Herald's Park, which is a popular camping spot. The forest consists mainly of huge cedar trees. Many of them are down and the trail winds around them. Wendell got to climb on one that has...
  14. gmas rabbit

    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit's Travel Blog

    Oh he does look adorable. Go ahead and post them, not going to upset us. In fact we would all enjoy seeing them.
  15. gmas rabbit

    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit's Travel Blog

    It has been miserable and raining here for the last couple of days, so Derby and Wendell have had to stay inside. Today the sun came out for an hour or so and we went to the bird sanctuary and lake for a short walk. Wendell got to see a lot of baby ducks and geese, a large crane and some...
  16. gmas rabbit

    Wendell the Wandering Wabbit's Travel Blog

    Hi, Wendell here. Just got into Salmon Arm, BC late this afternoon. Will be spending the next part of my journey with Gmas and Derby. Took me a little while to get here, rented a small motorhome with some lovely travelling companions. Am going to rest up for the rest of the day, get to know...
  17. gmas rabbit

    Our sweet and loveable Ty

    How desperately sad for you. You did what you thought the best, stayed with him to the end and showed the admost love by helping him to the bridge, free of sickness and pain. Derby and my heart go out to you and your family. It has been a very tramatic week for you all. Binky free little man...
  18. gmas rabbit

    bunny pees on himself!

    Is it possible that he is peeing and then laying in it. That would account for it on his belly, feet and legs.
  19. gmas rabbit

    Tired Buns!!!*

    Derby having a wee sleep
  20. gmas rabbit

    My bunny Bertie always flops over

    Derby is a real flopper. Sometimes even kicks his water dish over.
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