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  1. degrassi

    Life changes

    I have a pet sitting side business and LOVE it. I do every kind of animal, not just bunnies. But its a great way to earn extra money, even if you only do it part time. I find my clients very loyal. People are super specific on who they trust caring for their animals and house. I am also picky on...
  2. degrassi

    Looking for a Vet - Edmonton Area

    Glad it went well :)
  3. degrassi

    Moving out of home

    Keep her in the cage when you move and let her get settled in. When she is relaxed and acting normal start letting her out to explore on her own terms. I'd probably keep her on flooring thats easy to clean for the first little bit and keep expanding the area as she does good with her litter box...
  4. degrassi

    Moving out of home

    I finally moved out of my parents house last year and took my bunny who was 9yo at the time. He doesn't take well to change and it took him 2 months to come out of his hide box. He'd only come out to eat/drink and would be really skittish and go right back in. He stopped using his litter box for...
  5. degrassi

    Edmonton - Alfalfa and Timothy Bales

    I emailed Irving Creek Farm( and they said if the weather cooperates they will be baling the timothy hay in July so try back then.
  6. degrassi

    Edmonton - Alfalfa and Timothy Bales is a local farmer, Irving Creek Farm. We used to have a local feed store(champions) but they closed down years ago. I've tried calling other farm stores outside the city and none carry bales just pellets and the odd small bag of alfalfa(petstore stuff) Also checked a few of...
  7. degrassi

    Edmonton - Alfalfa and Timothy Bales sells individual bales but it looks like they are sold out of timothy according to their website but still have alfalfa. They are located south of sherwood park. I've gotten a few timothy bales from them and it's usually really good, My rabbit eats way more of it then store...
  8. degrassi

    Looking for a Vet - Edmonton Area

    I've taken my rabbit to a few local vets but switched to Southside vet a few years ago. I see Dr. Steele and I'm very impressed with her. At my first appt she spent a lot of time checking him out and brought things up other vets had missed(neuro issues, his gait being off and the way he sits...
  9. degrassi

    Stabilize a nic panel gate

    How about an Xpen. I used my xpen spread out like that across an opening to keep my puppy out of the living room. For added support to keep it upright, you can make braces out of wood or metal and zip tie them to the xpen. Metal shelf brackets work well, then just attach them to the bottom.
  10. degrassi

    Edmonton Alberta CANADA

    Wow, thats kind of amazing!
  11. degrassi

    How do vets by you charge--especially for 2nd-opinion visits?

    I"ve never been charged an extra fee when I've seen another vet. I've changed vets with my rabbit and only paid the regular "exotic pet" fee even with the old clinic faxing over his records. I've also seen 3 vets for my dog over the years and never had that extra fee with him either. Sounds...
  12. degrassi

    Gimpy turned 10!!!

    He definitely hates change. I moved last year and he didn't take to it well. Spent 6 weeks hiding in his box, refusing to come out. Even though we've been here almost a year he still refuses to come out and play when I setup his xpen. The layout of his cage/play area is exactly the same too...
  13. degrassi

    Gimpy turned 10!!!

    My little bunny is all grown up. Gimpy is now 10yo!!! Wow time flies as I still think of him as my little baby. He's gotten a bit grumpy in his old age but he's still a sweetheart. As he's gotten older he's stuck to his ways and hates change. Like this week I gave him a new box for a hide house...
  14. degrassi

    My tetra came back to life!

    Geez, didn't mean to offend you. I thought this was a discussion forum were we share experiences and try to help each other. If you want to take the best care possible of your animals might want to do a bit of research on "the Nitrogen Cycle" and how its 99% of what keeping an aquarium is...
  15. degrassi

    Need help finding a Beer

    Not sure how liquor stores work in the US but do you have any beer specialty stores? Like just down the street from me we have the biggest beer specialty store in western canada. They carry 1500+ different beers and can pretty much find and bring in anything you want if they don't have it. A...
  16. degrassi

    Need help finding a Beer

    What beer?
  17. degrassi

    My tetra came back to life!

    Couple questions. What exactly do you mean by "cleaning the tank" and why did you remove the fish from the tank when doing it? Oh and since you added clorinated water back into your tank before it was conditioned make sure to check on your ammonia/nitrite levels as chlorine can kill off the...
  18. degrassi

    BunnyRabbitToys Giveaway!

    Liked on facebook:wiggle
  19. degrassi

    What to clean or bunny cage with?

    You can also use a diluted bleach solution for disinfecting. Its just chlorine and leaves no residue or smell once its dry. Perfectly safe for use around animals, I even clean my aquariums with it. But bleach doesn't clean calcium build up. So for decrusting the litter box I use vinegar. But...
  20. degrassi

    Litter kicker :(

    I use a rubber bungie cord to hold my litter box in place against the NIC sides. I tried zip tying it but my bun then just took to biting and pulling at the box as it still moved a little bit. With the bungie cord it doesn't move at all and is easy to slip the box out when I clean it. I also...
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