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  1. lagadvocate

    For Those we Loved and Lost in 2008

    Tracy this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for letting me know about it and for doing such a wonderful job on this moving tribute. -Beth
  2. lagadvocate

    TRANSPORT- Chicago Ridge Rabbits (IL) RESOLVED

    Hi guys, just jumping in here real quick...been doing most of my communication in PM with Haley. Ok so Angoragirl...Haley said you would prefer STL to Union. That's fine with me, I will plan on doing Vandalia to STL. Saturday would be optimal for me, Sunday is iffy-possibly could be done but...
  3. lagadvocate

    I see this forum differently now from how I ever have before.

    I just wanted to chime in here because this thread makes me think of one person in particular who always made me feel welcome and "valued" here on the forum. Crystal aka Angelnsnuffy, you are awesome girl! Even though I'm not that active on the forum right now since losing my last boy, I...
  4. lagadvocate


    Aww Bo, you're so thoughtful :hug:. There's really been no flooding in my immediate area, but it's been so bad elsewhere. :(
  5. lagadvocate

    ZOOTOO / MIDWEST MAKEOVER ROLL CALL! Please Post If You've Joined

    I joined just a couple of days ago after following what was happening on the RW Bunderground list. I picked Midwest as my shelter, but made a point to review very few rabbit products because of what's going on. Stuck to positive dog and bird products as well as services. Got a lot of points but...
  6. lagadvocate

    Bunny Break (sort of)

    Hi all, as some of you may know, I lost my boy Charlie a couple of weeks ago. He was my only bun since I lost Buddy then Carmel barely a year apart, and then Charlie barely a month after Carmel. Charlie's death affected me in a way that I didn't think possible for me. It broke my heart and my...
  7. lagadvocate

    Carmel & Charlie

    Thanks guys, I so appreciate your kind words. I'm not leaving the forum, just this blog since it was for them. I couldn't leave the forum, I need bunny friends like you guys. I'll be around. -Beth
  8. lagadvocate

    Goodbye sweet boy

    Well, it's only been 14 hours since you passed away so suddenly. I posted my last entry in your blog last night after you left me, and I was going to wait to post here, but decided to do it now. This is the only forum I hate posting a new topic in. I finally slept for a while early this...
  9. lagadvocate

    Carmel & Charlie

    This is the last post that I will be writing in this blog. This is the hardest post I've written as well. About 4 hours ago, Charlie, my beloved Holland Lop died. To say that I was completely blindsided by this is a gross understatement. My heart is absolutely shattered. I'm sitting here writing...
  10. lagadvocate

    wet poo...on the COUCH!..

    Yeah, my boy does this too. When he was in his pen at night, the poos were confined there but now that he's out 24/7, they end up in other random places. So my boy has two kinds of troublesome poo--what I call "mushy poo" not diarrhea but not necessarily cecals, and of course, cecals--the grape...
  11. lagadvocate

    My Zoo

    Such a beautiful zoo you've got there! Really enjoyed the pics. :D
  12. lagadvocate

    Just a thought...

    I am thankful that responsible breeders will avoid Easter bunnies and of course I know that some rescues and shelters avoid it as well. Sadly it's the pet stores that are a major culprit. I went by my local pet store today to see and of course, right up front and center were a load of...
  13. lagadvocate

    My bunnies dont seem to love me =(

    This is exactly what I was thinking as I read your post. Years ago when I got my first bun, he bonded with me pretty well...but he was an only bun. When I got his bondmate, some of his affection diverted from me to her, and she was ONLY interested in him, not me. After he passed, 4 years...
  14. lagadvocate

    Why all the bunnies on CL suddenly?

    OMG!!! He is awesome! NAP!!!!
  15. lagadvocate

    I'm back...with an honest amends.

    Hi Alexah, I haven't posted much with you on the forum but would just like to join the others in wishing you the best of luck. Tracey--I haven't heard from you in a while, remember you can pm me anytime you feel like it. :hug: -Beth
  16. lagadvocate

    We're expecting a lot of snow today

    Blech! Sunday was so beautiful in the 70's...we barbequed and lounged about outside. And of course nowmy grill is covered with about 7 inches of snow. :grumpy:
  17. lagadvocate

    Some new pics of my boys

    Good golly those are some cuties! The third one of Acorn is so disapproving rabbits material!!! And of course, I love love love Henri. Is he a lot of work to groom? I would love to have one just like him!
  18. lagadvocate

    Why all the bunnies on CL suddenly?

    Leaf, I CANNOT believe you are getting that gorgeous guy I am so jealous! I saw that ad and showed my hubby and begged and begged. But I didn't push too hard since I figured that she only wanted a trade, not a sale. But that's ok anyway, I won't be too mad at you ;) I don't really like to...
  19. lagadvocate

    Very Special Guest Announcement

    Wow, that is awesome! I just wrote myself a reminder note and stuck it to my computer monitor...I definitely don't want to miss it!
  20. lagadvocate

    Newspaper Articles

    I think that is a wonderful idea. Several years ago I wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper about Easter and bunnies, the editor called me and told me that she really liked it. Now they run my same letter each year around Easter time. The more info out there, the better! :D
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