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  1. Mehidk

    Here's a helpful rabbit manual

    Absolutely not. They are not dogs. They are marking their territory and all you just need to do is pick up the poop and clean up the area with vinegar/water or a pet safe cleaner. This “manual” is not official. Refer to HRS’s website for actual information that has been researched.
  2. Mehidk

    How many veggies for BunBun?

    I’ve been feeding my rabbit 2 cups per day of greens and she’s had no problems. It all depends on the greens you give them and whether or not it has too much calcium, or feeding too many pellets (I give mine 1/4 cup a day). There are certain greens that can cause stomach issues and some that...
  3. Mehidk


    I would take him in sooner than later. The longer you prolong the diagnosis, the more severe the condition might get.
  4. Mehidk

    Bunny flopping? stir crazy bunny?

    I think it’s just her way of telling you that she disapproved of being in her hutch for so long and how she’s happy to be able to free roam again. I wouldn’t worry about it!
  5. Mehidk

    Bunny flopping? stir crazy bunny?

    You said you left her for a few months correct? And she was in a hutch with little interaction. Then my guess is she’s just happy to see you and is excited to get months of energy out finally.
  6. Mehidk

    Rescuing a baby vs adult: opinions?

    I don't necessarily think so. They can be tolerant of certain things. Watching their body language is really important and helps to not stress them out too much. For example: I decided to test out the vacuum cleaner on my rabbit. Instead of putting her in a crate in the next room, I wanted to...
  7. Mehidk

    Rescuing a baby vs adult: opinions?

    It's all based on a rabbit's personality. As a baby rabbit gets older, their personalities can totally change. I've heard of people who have chosen a baby rabbit, thinking that they could train him/her to be held, or be trained like a dog but then it backfires on them. Then there are others who...
  8. Mehidk

    Bleeding nail!!

    Use styptic powder or even flour to stop the bleeding. Did this happen while you were cutting the nail? If so, then the trimming was too close to the quick (blood vessel inside the nail). When cutting, make sure you look at the nail and find where the pink area is. If you see pink inside the...
  9. Mehidk

    Question about bunny behavior

    Awesome, I'm glad you were able to find a solution! If you're able to train her with the basketball, I want to see a video! :P
  10. Mehidk

    Help!!! I don’t have straw for my rabbits nestbox!!!

    Can’t wait to see pictures!
  11. Mehidk

    Teeth trimming

    I honestly would not try to file it down on your own, especially if you've never done it before. It could end up doing more harm than good but that's just me. Maybe you can call the vet and discuss your concerns with them and let them reassure you that they are ensuring safety protocols are...
  12. Mehidk

    Castration day :/

    I don't personally have advice as I adopted my rabbit as a spayed bun but I wish your rabbit a fast recovery!
  13. Mehidk

    Advice for suddenly lone bun

    I currently have a solo bunny and she's doing just fine with human interaction. Thankfully my boyfriend is home around the clock so I don't have to worry about her feeling alone. Give your rabbit some time to grieve, it may take awhile but hopefully he'll be back to his rabbit self.
  14. Mehidk

    Help!!! I don’t have straw for my rabbits nestbox!!!

    Congrats on the new litter! I hope the little one will eat more soon.
  15. Mehidk

    Nail Clipping for Feisty Bunny

    I have to say that @Apollo’s Slave idea is way better than my method LOL. I have to hold mine and coax her with a treat after each clipping and while she's distracted with eating, I cut her nails as quick as possible. Sure she'll grunt from time to time and she'll occasionally try to turn...
  16. Mehidk

    Pet stroller or carrier for my bunny?

    I might have to start considering walking my rabbit with a stroller just to eventually get exercise once the shelter in place is over. My boyfriend initially wanted to do this but I turned him down because I was too nervous about putting her outdoors and being scared of everything as she's...
  17. Mehidk

    Problems with rabbit's poop

    She is too adorable! What about treats? If you give her some, how often do you give it to her and what kind? She might be having too much sugar? The only other thing I would think is if something is stressing her out (unknown noises, being picked up, scared, etc). If it's not her diet or...
  18. Mehidk

    Ever feel bad for your rabbit?

    With this coronavirus, nothing is in stock! It's so frustrating. At one point, I have a feeling that I won't have any veggies for Trixie to eat either. For now, we still have some mint and cilantro growing in my backyard so that would be my backup plan. The moment they told that the nearby...
  19. Mehidk

    Sleep well my bossy queen

    My heart hurts for you. I got teary eyed a little just reading about the treats and her giving you her last kiss. Thank you for sharing your story and I wish you, Toste and Odin all the best with time to heal.
  20. Mehidk

    Question about bunny behavior

    Your schedule doesn't seem too far off from mine actually. Trixie gets fed around 6am-7am and then again between 5pm-6pm. I would say if you do extend the time, then to do it in increments. So instead of 5pm, feed her at 5:30, then maybe at 6 and see how she does with the change. One thing that...
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